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WildTantra   WILDTANTRA NEWSLETTER November 2016 
Beloved ,

What is The Great Desire ?

I could write a whole book about it, but one chapter of my next book can be enough to offer you some answers about this delicate hot issue in Tantra!

Here some explanations extracted from my book: Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries which will be launched April 2017.

"Listen carefully, my dear lovers. The Great Desire pushes the man and the woman to come closer, to melt, to become one, and yet at the same time it divides them. Look closely at the moment of creation, when the sperm meets the ovule; what is really happening? They do not become one, they divide into two and then four and six and finally into millions of cells which will become one body. We see one body, but we forget that it was created by division, not oneness. There was a momentary union when the sperm and the ovule met, but immediately after this union, division started. What a strange play! The man and woman’s desire for closeness, for togetherness, for disappearing into each other, for melting into one another, for ultimate union, for becoming one has become three! Existence uses some very strange mathematics where one plus one equals three! In our rational view it equals two. And in our spiritual quest it equals one. So who is deceiving whom?

It seems existence has another plan than our spiritual non-sense of oneness! In fact, it views it totally differently. Let me reveal to you its hidden meaning. It is called expansion! Existence is looking for expansion. It doesn’t desire oneness. It desires expansion. And it is the same for us too, but we have got entangled in too many spiritual lies and the greatest one is the Self!

Oh! My dear lovers, I can only laugh about it now, but I can tell you I have been searching so much for the Self. Whoever first invented this search, I do not know. It must have been someone bored with being alone, so he needed to find something to look after. He must have been blind and deaf too. He couldn’t see the beauty around him. He couldn’t hear the birds singing. He couldn’t relate with existence, so he must have got this crazy idea of the Self! Something weird he had to find within him. He had to work very hard to find it of course!! And the harder the better! And he contaminated other bored and disappointed people around him… and so it went on and still goes on! It is called Spiritual searching. Oh! I can laugh and laugh about it. I am grateful to this idiot only because he makes me laugh now!

Existence is not looking for the Self. It is looking for expansion, not oneness. Indeed it seems existence has played a magnificent trick on us. Because it knows so much about our greed and our egoism, it has sent us this desire for oneness. It is such a force. Without it we wouldn’t move, we would stay totally lethargic. We wouldn’t even have been born. Actually nothing would have started in the first place. Existence had to invent a trick, a starting point, a trigger: the desire for oneness in order for existence to expand.

With this desire we feel we can come back home. We know deep down, we are born out of division. It is a very deep unconscious knowing, torturing us day and night. It is our pain. It motivates us to search for a state of oneness, to go back home to the womb where we had a momentary glimpse of oneness… Hmm, the sperm and the ovule meeting! A split second of oneness! It leaves a big imprint in all of us. We grow up, we do many things to forget about it, but it keeps on kicking inside of us: come back home, come back to oneness!

One day in lovemaking we discover a moment of oneness. Suddenly in a deep embrace with our beloved, a door opens to oneness, but it closes as fast as it opened. This just strengthens our desire for oneness. And the more glimpses of oneness we have, the more this desire strengthens. It becomes madness! We become totally drunk with it. We search more and more for this oneness and each time we feel we get it, it just slips out of our hands. The reason is simple; it is a momentary state. It is not permanent, as we would like it to be. It is merely a stepping-stone for expansion. In expansion we are not one, we are many. We are divided into billions of pieces. We are here and elsewhere. I know some call it oneness, but it is very misleading. It makes you believe you are going to be one with everything. It makes you cling to a self; a self that is one with everything. To me this idea is dangerous and does not represent the final state. After the momentary stage of oneness, expansion happens. For this expansion to happen a very important thing needs to happen: the dissolution of the so-called self, of your identity, of your ego, of everything you claim is you!

The little sperm and the ovule have to disappear. They have to give up their identity, their form in order to expand. They need to dissolve into one another. They need to die in order to give birth to a higher form.

This is how it goes: Desire is the spark, the action, for a physical union of two polarities such as a man and a woman, then a glimpse of oneness is followed by dissolution of the two polarities and then division, provoking expansion, creation, transformation… In this way the Great Desire of Existence is fulfilled through our desire for oneness.” From Chapter 8: The Nights of Creation from Tantra, The Hidden Mysteries from Pema Gitama

I bow down with love and gratitude to your inner flame,

Pema Gitama

Next Retreats in the Netherlands  2016

The Spiritual Lie...
"It seems existence has another plan than our spiritual non-sense of oneness! In fact, it views it totally differently. Let me reveal to you its hidden meaning. It is called expansion! Existence is looking for expansion. It doesn’t desire oneness. It desires expansion. And it is the same for us too, but we have got entangled in too many spiritual lies and the greatest one is the Self!”  Pema

8 Retreats for Expansion 

1. Orgasmic Body

Unfolding your natural orgasmic body state…

Letting go of fear restricting deep pleasure...

Reviving the Sacred within
Opening to orgasmic breathing...

2.  Male/Female Orgasm

Stepping out of immature female and male attitudes...

Regaining your full capacity for orgasm if you lost it or if you can’t find it…

3. Kundalini Awakening

Circulating and containing sexual energy…

Letting go of addiction to sex and whatever pulls out of bliss…

4. Lovemaking Ritual

Entering the Great Desire…

Refining intercourse to the Arya Tantra…

5. Initiation Space

Dissolving illusions,  Esoteric Dimension of Tantra… Power of sacred sounds, words and plants

6. Silent Orgasm

Surrender Sex to Love, to Consciousness…

Expanding to silent communion…

7. Re-Alignement

Connecting to divine inner/outer resources…

Centering into Wisdom…

8. Darkness Retreat

Burning Identification to Ego, Mind, Personality…

Facing the fear of death...

Opening the third eye dimension...
Shift of consciousness...

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Darkness Retreat            30 Nov - 4 Dec
Entering the state of dissolution where the veil of illusion is uncovered to reveal the original source where you come from. This retreat is set up totally in darkness where specific meditations are practised to build up energy towards the third eye to bring about a shift of more

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