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NUMBER 7, 2015
From the Headmaster

We are well and truly in the swing of Winter Term with much happening.  The performances of AIDA over this week have been simply fantastic and I look forward to the finale on Saturday evening.  I will no doubt have more to say about this production when it is all finished, but needless to say I am so very proud of the the students' performances on stage, back stage, front of house as well as in the technical production of the show.  The breadth and depth of talent on show, as well as the evidence of hard work during rehearsals, is plain for all to see.  The ‘Rock’ style of this production has posed its challenges but the students have risen to that challenge and the resultant show is fantastic.

The Year 12 students are also mid way through their Trial HSC Examinations and I am sure you join with me in praying for them as they seek to do their best.  Not only are the HSC Trial Examinations taking place but many students who are doing practical components to their studies have their Major Works due soon.  The Indonesian students have their speaking HSC Examination to prepare for; Visual Arts and Design and Technology projects are due shortly; the Society and Culture Personal interest Projects are also due soon; as are the Music and Drama HSC Performances.  We wish these students all the best as they put the finishing touches to these various works.

In this Bulletin you will be able to read of the successes of so many students throughout the holiday period.  There were students who attended the Sports Development Days in Week 1 of the holidays, the CRU Camp in Week 2 of the holidays, others represented the School in the Snow Sports camp and competitions, a significant number of students attended one of several  Duke of Edinburgh hikes, not to mention the Year 12 students who were regularly in the library during the holiday.  The effort and engagement of the students to the various endeavours during the holidays is testament to their commitment to this School.

Also in the last week of the holiday period the annual mid year Staff Professional Learning Days took place.  Among a range of other matters the focus was on continuing our discussions on how best to create a ‘Culture of Thinking’ throughout the School.  We explored and discussed various ways to engage our students in how to think more deeply.  We want our students to recognise that learning is a result of thinking and that thinking enables us to develop and ‘Enduring Understanding’ of what we learn.  The professional discussions were enthusiastic and reinvigorating - all in all that were wonderful days.  Macarthur is a learning organisation and that must mean the staff learn too.  I saw great evidence of this over the days.

David Nockles

From the Dean of Studies

Will this be in the test? – Classwork, Assignments, Tests and Examinations

 “Will this be in the exam?”, “Does this count towards my report?”, “Is this activity worth any marks?”.

Teachers often hear these types of questions when asking students to complete classwork and homework.  

Extrinsically motivated by marks and reports, many students only seem to value work that is assigned marks, rather than learning for learning’s sake.  Some students do not see the intrinsic value of learning while others do not see the point of completing some class tasks or homework.   Sometimes this is the fault of teachers who do not explain the purpose of completing certain tasks or the relevance to their learning.  Sometimes it is also the fault of students who are overly focussed on marks and grades.

While summative assessment tasks (also called assessment of learning tasks) are important, activities and tasks that help students learn and give teachers an indication of where the students are in their learning process are equally, if not more important.

In NSW, the BOSTES expect teachers to assess in variety of ways. There is also an expectation that teachers incorporate formative assessment tasks as well as summative assessment tasks in their teaching. These formative assessment tasks are known as ‘assessment as learning’ and ‘assessment for learning’ tasks.

 “Assessment for learning involves teachers using evidence about students' knowledge, understanding and skills to inform their teaching. It reflects a view of learning in which assessment helps students learn better, rather than just achieve a better mark.”

 “Assessment as learning occurs when students are their own assessors.  Students monitor their own learning, ask questions and use a range of strategies to decide what they know and can do, and how to use assessment for new learning.

Assessment as learning:

·            encourages students to take responsibility for their own learning

·            requires students to ask questions about their learning

·            involves teachers and students creating learning goals to encourage growth and development

·            provides ways for students to use formal and informal feedback and self-assessment to help them understand the next steps in learning

·            encourages peer assessment, self-assessment and reflection.” (NSW BOSTES Curriculum Advice)

At Macarthur, we are keen for students to become more active participants in their own learning, to recognise their strengths and know how to address their weaknesses.  Many students are now cognisant of their Grade Point Average (GPA) and are able to monitor this.  Students also need to become attuned to reading and taking on board the feedback they receive from their teachers by reading and listening to the comments they receive in relation to their learning.

As parents, it is helpful if you ask your child what feedback they received about a task rather than asking about what mark your child received. 

Recently, Rebecca Fitzpatrick ran a session on ‘feedback’ for students in Year 12 to give them strategies of how they can better utilise the comments that teachers give them.  It is important for students to have a clear idea of how they need to improve and develop a deeper understanding of the content and concepts they are learning.  The Year 12 students really enjoyed the session and can recognise the importance of feedback and monitoring their own learning. 

Melissa Gould-Drakeley

Student Email Addresses

For correspondence addressed to students in Years 7-12 (excursion reminders, Duke of Edinburgh matters, assignment advice etc), the School is increasingly using the students’ Macarthur email accounts.  Some students are rarely opening their school email, but we would like them to get into the habit of using it more regularly, especially when seeking advice from teachers.  Once a student leaves Macarthur and enters university or a work situation they will find that these institutions do not communicate through text messages or personal email accounts so it becomes good practice for them for the ‘real world’.

Every student has been issued with an email address that appears in the following format:

Naturally, students will not be sent email that is more pertinent to parents.  However, there are occasions when direct contact with students is more applicable e.g. ‘Don’t forget to bring your lunch to bible study’.  Could you please encourage your child to access their school email regularly?  Please ensure that they do not delete their school email account on their iPads.

Andrew Kokic

Deputy Headmaster 

Chaplains Chat

Getting in Touch with Emotions

Last Bulletin I wrote about my anticipation in seeing ‘Inside out’, the new PIXAR movie.  I was not disappointed.  It was great; a thoughtful, funny and interesting insight into what happens inside us with memories and emotions and how these relate to feelings and behaviour. But no one (at school) has spoken to me about it! –  So if you were a parent or student who viewed the movie I would love to know what you thought of it and whether it led to family discussions!

Thinking of emotions, I loved the student production Aida.  (No doubt referred to elsewhere in the Bulletin.)  It was an excellent musical and was deeply moving with it’s themes of love and sacrifice. Well done to all involved.  It reminded me of Jesus’ words; My command is this: love each other as I have loved you.” and “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” (John 15. 12,13)

The Super Cru Camp during the last holidays was enjoyed by fifty K-6 children, most of whom were from Macarthur. Great fun was had each day with learning about God’s Promises with puppets, songs and the ‘super impossible brothers’ (a skit by Jasmine Brooker and Emma Bywater who were the super impossible brothers solving problems with the help of the ‘game controllers’ Georgia Klonis and Issy Ingram). The rest of the twelve Year 9-11 ‘assistant leaders’ combined really well with five staff from Crusaders and a number of leaders from Cobbitty Anglican and Camden Uniting churches. Each day had a theme and the jumping castle, visits to Calmsley Hill City Farm (infants) or to Wedderburn (primary- for flying fox and giant swing) added to a tremendously varied and interesting week. 

We are already planning for a repeat camp, same time next year!

Reverend David Hayman



Community Chat

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have so generously supported the 2015 Annual Appeal.

 Funds generated to this time are in excess of $37,000.  These funds, along with funds generated at the Annual Dinner, will be directed toward the Seed Partnership Project.  Funds in this partnership project will accumulate and be directed to the next phase of capital development.

Annual Fundraising Dinner

Plans are well under way for the 2015 Annual Fundraising Dinner.  The dinner will again be held at the Camden Civic Centre.  Please see the advertisement included in the Bulletin for more information.

Thank you to all who have already donated items to our auction, there is, however, still time if you think you are able to assist in this way.

Thank you to all the companies who have sponsored this event.  Without the support of these businesses such an event would not have been possible.  I would like to thank: 

Gold Sponsor: Integrity New Homes

Silver Sponsors: WARDS Accounting, Hills Commercial Cleaning, Absolutely Fabulous, Maneto, Oran Park Podium and Schwarz Family Practice

Bronze Sponsors: Grant Services, Capital Finance, Fowlers Carpets and Blinds, CCU Auto Trim, Narellan Motor Inn, Select Wholesale Meats, Grimes Finance & Mortgages, Lil Treasures and Runnymede Technologies.

Tickets are still on sale for this upcoming event, please book online.

Earn and Learn

Macarthur Anglican will again be participating in the 2015 Woolworth’s Earn and Learn Program.  If you are collecting the stickers they can be dropped off to the Heads Of School office where we have a box for them.  Alternatively they can be dropped into the box at Woolworths at the Oran Park  Podium.   

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas

Fundraising and Community Relations Manager

News from the Farm

The Agricultural Show Team would like to thank and acknowledge the Nieuwenhuis family (parents of the school) for their kind donation of materials and time in the construction of a show cattle clipping frame.  Mr Nieuwenhuis together with Sean McIntosh (Year 11 ) and Jack Jansen (Year 10) designed and constructed the show cattle clipping frame made from steel and includes the school initials MAS. The clipping frame will be used in the clipping and preparation of steers at school and at the many shows we attend prior to being judged.  The clipping frame will allow students a much safer way to prepare animals for competition.

Also early this term we are expecting the arrival of new born lambs as well as our show cattle team competing in the Uni-steer competition to be held on Saturday 8 August.




Student Achievements

Kindra Doyle (Year 7) won her division at the 2015 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu State Championships on 18 July.  The Championships were held at Sydney University Sports and Aquatic Centre.  Congratulations Kindra.

From the Head of Junior School

Welcome back to Winter Term.  It was lovely to see the big smiles on the childrens’ faces as they returned to school last week.  Whilst the break was enjoyed by all there is always a great sense of connection and anticipation when we all come together again.  It was impressive to see students reflecting and sharing their favourite holiday activities in so many ways with their classroom and specialist teachers.  A warm welcome to the following students who joined us in the Junior School this term:   Christian Lumba KH, Elias Lumba  3P, Amy Chen 2S

Are Our Thinking Caps On?

I wonder if like me, you were asked to ‘just sit there and think about that’ at school.  The harder you tried to think the more nothing really came to mind, and in the end all it did was make you 

think that perhaps there is nothing much up there doing any thinking. 

As many of you know, as a staff we have been thinking about thinking and most importantly learning how to help our young students to think deeply, make connections with their learning, look at others perspectives and think critically about things that happen around them.  This is the world that our students will be entering into in a number of years and it is our job to help prepare them for the skills and mindset that is going to be sought after. 

T-2 Reading ‘Roving Reporters’

Boosting Reading in T-2 

A number of Roving Reporters will be interviewing our T-2 students about books that they have read over the next few weeks.  Reading is such an important life skill and we are trying to encourage our youngest students to read and be read to.  I am encouraging all students to record their reading in the appropriate place in the Diary.  The importance of this practice cannot be overstated. 

Mind Quest 

The 76th Mindquest programme is to be held at St George Girls High School.  This fast paced and challenging programme is designed to enrich and extend students of similar interests and abilities. 

When: Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 September 9.30am-3.30pm

Some of the programmes running include Young Writers Workshop, Science Action, Mathemagic, Medieval Journey, How doe the Earth Work? Fantasy Writing, Egyptology and Sporty Science.

Further information is available from the HOS office 

Upcoming Dates

Tuesday 11 August: 3-6 UNSW Mathematics Competition

Thursday 13 August: NIHON visit Junior School

Thursday 20 August: T-11 Interviews

Monday 24 August - T-11 Interviews

Friday 28 August - Book Week Celebrations

Friday 4 September - Father’s Day Breakfast

Kylie Elling

Chess Tournament Report

On Tuesday, 21 July, Macarthur Anglican School sent a group of 24 students to Glenwood Public School to compete in the NSW Junior Chess League Competition. We had to battle in a series of five rounds against other schools in the Macarthur region. The teams were grouped into three divisions -Championship, Intermediate and Rookie. In each division our school placed third. We used wha

t we had learned at the weekly sessions and discovered some other strategies that we hadn’t anticipated.  At the beginning of the day we were a bit nervous but soon found that our opponents were friendly and played fairly. As the day concluded we reflected on our personal wins and loses and realised that whilst chess is a game played one on one, our overall success was achieved through team effort.

Lachlan Hey and Rowan Hey

Year 3 Excursion to Museum and Hyde Park Barracks

On Tuesday 28 July Year Three went on an excursion to the Museum of Sydney and Hyde Park Barracks to compliment our History units on Exploration and Early Settlement.  While there they took part in interactive activities, explored relics, paintings and models and gained different perspectives on colonisation, exploring it from the point of view of the convicts, the aboriginals and the British authorities.  The children had a fantastic day dressing up as convicts, building brick walls and experiencing life from an aboriginal point of view. Our roving Year 3 reporters have this to say:

On our Excursion we visited the Museum of Sydney and learnt more about Aborigines and First Settlers.  We saw where the first Governor Captain Arthur Phillips home was.  We also learnt some Aboriginal language.  We learnt different words and phrases.  It was definitely the highlight of my day. Our second destination was the Botanical Gardens.  We had a delicious lunch then we went to the convict barracks where we learnt about convicts.  We built a miniature wall and a chimney around one of our friends. 

Bethany Davey Year 3

On the Excursion we went to the Museum of Sydney and looked at where a historical house once stood.  Then we went to the Botanical Gardens where we had lunch.  Then we moved into Hyde Park Barracks where we looked at leg irons, tried out hammocks, learned about convict life and tried a bit of brick laying. 

Andrew Towell Year 3

Mrs Purvis, Mrs Relyea and Mrs Ralston




Headmasters Reading Award 2015

It has been great to see so many students from Years 3-6 taking up the challenge of the Headmaster’s Reading Award with so much enthusiasm this year!  There has been a steady flow of awards presented to students who have worked steadily toward achieving their personal reading goals.

The Headmaster’s Reading Award will conclude on Friday 21 August with all reading log books to be returned to the Junior School Library for a final count.  Prizes will be awarded on Friday 28 August during Book Week celebrations.  Those students who have earned a book prize will have an opportunity collect these from the Book Fair on the day.

From the Head of Middle School

Welcome back to school for Winter Term and the final term of the academic year for those students in Years 7–9.  The holiday period was a busy one for students and teachers’ as activities seem to be occurring over the two and half weeks.  Students enjoyed what snow there was at in the first week. Week 2 students enjoyed the sports clinics that were on offer.  While the final few days’ students participating in the Duke of Edinburgh Award hikes. 

Other activities through the term for the Middle School students demonstrate the many opportunities they have in their learning, sport and co-curricular areas.  Just to name a few:

·      IPSHA Performing Arts Festival Year 5,6

·      NASSA Athletics Carnivals

·      Year 9 Geography and History Excursions

·      NIHON University visit

·      T–11 Parent teacher nights 

·      Book Week 

·      Father’s Day Breakfast

·      Year 6 North Queensland Outreach

·      Yearly Exams for Year 7-11

These are just a few of the many activities occurring in the Middle School.  As we move towards the Yearly Examinations Year 7 will be undertaking four sessions on study with academic mentors from Year 11.  This will occur in House periods where they will work through summarising and studying techniques in preparation for examinations.


A reminder to parents of the need to sign the diary each week.  This is a good way to see what students have occurring at school and things that are due and coming up.  It is also a good way to communicate with teachers about matters relating to their child.

For students, it is important for them to be writing homework and reminders as well a

s their planning for the term. This way they can ensure they don’t miss deadlines. Developing organisation skills is an invaluable asset.

When to Stay Away from School

A good reminder for all students when it comes to feeling unwell that staying away 

from school can help you improve and can prevent the spread of germs to others here back at school, particularly for those students who have been suffering with Gastroenteritis.

Neil Davies

Year 5 Colonisation Thinking

Buildings, water and food supply, energy sources, transport network, government, law enforcement and industry.  These were some of the features that Year 5 students included in their design of a brand new colony.  

As part of our study of Australian Colonisation, the students were set the task to design and demonstrate their thinking about the vital components of a successful colony.  Throughout the term the students enthusiastically engaged with weekly online ‘Schoology’ tasks.  This enabled them to gradually plan their new colony and then bring to class their completed design in the final week of term. 

The students created impressive models and were able to demonstrate a deep understanding of colonisation as they presented to class their colonies in digital, diorama and poster form. 

Mrs Tuft and Mr Wood




From the Head of Senior School

Welcome back to Winter Term, the last term of the academic year.  The end of the year brings great anticipation for our Year 12 students as they begin the preparations for finishing their academic time at Macarthur.  Year 12 students are currently in the middle of completing their Trial HSC Examinations.  We would like to wish our students (and their parents) all the best for these Trials. 

For our Year 11 students it is also a busy time as they prepare for taking over the leadership of our School.  Over the last week students across the School have been voting for the 2016 School Prefects and House Captains.  The Headmaster will make his final decision later in the term regarding these positions.  I would like to congratulate all students who have stepped up and put their name forward to be nominated as Prefect. 

For Year 10 and 11 this term also brings with it their Yearly Examinations in Week 7 and 8.  I would like to encourage students to think about preparing for their examinations as early as possible. 

A Working Holiday for the Senior School.

During the recent school holidays there were a wide range of activities students in the Senior School, including:

·      18 Year 12 teachers volunteering their time to run more than 25 sessions to help prepare our students for their Trials or guidance with completing their Major Works.

·      12 senior students involved with Snowsports and/or NSW Regional Inter-Schools Snowsports.

·      Year 10 and 11 students rehearsing for the Musical Aida, which has been running this week.

·      60+ students involved in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Silver and Gold Expedition on the Great North Walk.

·      A Year 11 student headed to the United States to take part in the Global Young Leaders Conference.

Upcoming Year 12 Parent Information Session – University Applications

Following the Trial examinations sessions will be run each Tuesday for our Year 12 students to help them navigate the minefield that is University application.  There are many things for our students to consider when applying for Univeristy including – how to make the application, on-time application, preferences, early entry, multiple offers, schools recommendation schemes, educational access schemes and scholarships to name just a few.  To assist parents understand all of this an information evening has been organised for Tuesday 18 August starting at 7pm.  This session is for parents only as the information will have already have been presented to the students.

Scott Bedingfield

Snowsport Report

Congratulations to our Secondary School Boys who this year won the Northern Region Interschools Snowsports Championships for Category 2 Schools (Schools with less than 25 competitors).  This is a wonderful achievement in a competition involving over 150 different schools.

This years ski season started off with a fantastic man-made cover at both Perisher and Thredbo. While the official snow depth was 0cm we were able to once again have a wonderful snowsports programme where students from First-Timers to Advanced skiers and board were able to develop or improve their snowsports skills.  While the snow was a little less than perfect the weather certainly made up for it, with wonderful clear and warm days. 

Snowsports Camp 2015

This year we had 58 students from Years 3-12 venture with 5 staff to Jindabyne and Thredbo for a wonderful two days of fun, skiing or snowboarding.  For some of our students this was their first time at the snow and by the end of the two days all students couldn’t wait to come back and do it all again. Many of the students indicated that they feel they would be now ready to participate in Interschools.

For our students who have been before the development of their skiing and boarding was remarkable and for our ski team these two days were invaluable training for Interschools that was to follow.  All students thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic weather.

Regional Interschools 2014

Following the snowsports camp 28 students stayed on in Jindabyne from the 1-4 July to participate and compete in the Northern Regions Interschools snowsports competitions.  This year held at Perisher. Information about events at interschools can be found in the results section below.

Particular congratulations must be given to those students who have been selected to participate in the State Interschools in August, Sascha Masjuk (Year 4), Joshua Hand (Year 8), Taylor Drayton (Year 9), Callum Masjuk (Year 9), Leon Vogeler-Schmid (Year 9), Addison Kubik (Year 11), Jhett Kellner (Year 12) and Joel Sawyer (Year 12).

Thanks to our Snowsports Captain Joel Sawyer (Year 12) who was an excellent example to our younger students and participated in 4 different events (skiing and snowboarding).

The Scots Race and Redlands Cup

Following the Interschools competition 8 students stayed on to compete in two further competitions, The Scots Race (an individual event) in Perisher and The Redlands Cup (a team event) in Thredbo. This was a fantastic time and there is no doubt that the students continued to improve their race skills. 

With Thanks…

A special thank you to all the staff and parent helpers who assisted in the smooth running of the Macarthur Snowsports Programme.  Particular thanks to Mark, Caroline and Montana Byers (Year 12 – 2014) who gave up much of their time to assist in the development of our team in 2015 - your support was truly appreciated.  Thanks to this dedicated team the results in 2015 were once again fantastic.

Scott Bedingfield

Snowsports Co-ordinator

For the full set of results please click the link.

Addison Kubik


Taylor Drayton


Jhett Kellner


Global Young Leader's Conference

As I stepped onto my flight, I had no idea what to expect. A bunch of feelings hit me at once; nervousness, excitement and intrigue. I had been invited to join a Global Young Leader’s Conference, consisting of over 150 people from all around the world. In the end my expectations were surpassed by reality.


Although on the first day, it was frightening to think of the fact that I was sitting in a room with some of the world’s most promising speakers, debaters and thinkers, once I got over the initial nerves I was able to meet so many people. The amazing thing about the conference was that everyday I would meet a handful of new people, all with different ambitions and interests and all from different backgrounds. For example, I might have discussed the future of technology, with a German at breakfast, but then at lunch I would be playing intense rounds of Blackjack with a Honduran. The conference was not all games and sightseeing, there was also a strong component of developing your leadership skills and learning how to apply them.


During our ‘Leadership Group Meetings’ we completed exercises such as discussing current global issues. It was quite extraordinary and inspirational to hear so many different perspectives on the same issue and the course gave me a more worldly outlook on current global issues. This global outlook was consistently challenged through the completion of a Model United Nations Security Council and Model Global Summit, where each group was assigned a country and had to create resolutions on particular issues from all different topics from environment to technology. I especially liked these simulations as I was challenged to not only pass a resolution, keeping my country’s best interests in mind, but developed a deep understanding of how other countries would react with the resolution chosen. The simulations also allowed us to learn how to negotiate with people who have a completely opposite standpoint on the issue presented.


Overall the conference challenged my perceptions of the world and made me critically reflect upon stereotypes associated with certain countries. I was involved in amazing opportunities, which enabled me to further develop my leadership skills in ways that could not be matched by any other course.

I would strongly recommend the Global Leader’s Conference to everyone, whether it be to develop your leadership skills or just to meet new people; the conference was the best experience of my life and I’m sure this experience will never be paralleled.

 Tate Lindsay - Year 11