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General Election 2017

Your Argyle Financial Bulletin for April 2017

Dear Client,

An Unexpected Twist

Yet another unexpected twist in the road as Theresa May calls a general election for 8th June! Just when the hysteria which surrounded our lives following Brexit and the election of Donald Trump seemed to be settling down and our respective economies were starting to move gently forward again.

One presumes the apparent lack of worthwhile opposition has prompted our Prime Minister to ‘seize the moment' and strengthen her position in the ongoing Brexit negotiations but, as often the way, her decision has presented an opportunity for a different agenda to surface.

It is difficult (so soon after the abysmal failure of expert predictions about Brexit and Trump) to hear yet more from the crystal ball gazers who promise to right so many wrongs... if only we will give them our trust.

Market Volatility

Volatility in investment markets has been a dominant feature in recent years and is usually brought about when unexpected events bring uncertainty into our lives. However, this will pass and given that the overall economic picture remains upbeat, we should soon return to more positive territory.

Keeping your Will up-to-date

Your Will

This year has been a sad one for us, as four of our long standing clients have passed away, leaving us to reflect on many happy memories. 

Each of our departed friends made a Will and apart from minor changes in their circumstances, their affairs were in good order. 

However, because of the legal process involved in obtaining probate and executing their wishes, we have become acutely aware of the importance of having a current Will in place… which properly reflects how you would like your financial arrangements to be handled after you are gone. 

Most of us are now relatively wealthy in terms of potential Inheritance Tax liability, so it is vital you take a moment to check that you do actually have a current, relevant Will in place and that those people who might be affected are aware of where that Will resides. 

Dealing with the death of a loved one is difficult enough, without having to sort out finances, so please look into your own situation. We will of course be pleased to assist, if there are any issues about which you are uncertain.

Please remember...

We encourage you to pick-up the phone (or Skype us) if you would like to discuss any matters further.


Phil Melville & Jean MacIntyre

Financial Planning

Don't delay... it's never too soon to act.
Whether it's planning your children's or grandchildren's Further Education, arranging mortgages or life cover or assessing your pension provision - please chat with us to discuss what options may be best for you.

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We offer a highly personal service… which means you can contact us at any time to discuss any financial matter that may be of concern to you.

Please use 01442 842538 to contact us with any queries regarding this correspondence, or if you have any other matter which you would like to discuss, you can also email us at

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