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...6 years since the Grand Opening of our own growing facility in Guatemala, VITA FARMS.
Join our celebration by taking advantage of the following great products:
A full line, including Philodendron Brasil pp12,956 & Lemon Lime.  Plus Epipremnum/Scindapsus Hawaiian Pothos, Marble Queen, Pictus, Neon & Silver Splash.  
All varieties are produced in greenhouses rather than traditional shadehouse growing, allowing for cleaner, more vigorous cuttings that command a PREMIUM retail price!  AND they’re great for Poinsettia Bowls!

ForemostCo® can supply all of your needs with the best in groundcover ivy cuttings, including English Ivy, Cathedral Wall and Thorndale.   We offer your choice of on-the-vine or leaf & eye, a full availability, highly competitive pricing and our great service!

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Great for ground cover & combination pots.  Take a look at our extensive line of Minor & Major varieties!

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Plus lots of great product from our Foliage Line...

…such as Chlorophytum comosum and Ficus Repens!

And if you are not ready today, no problem!  We will put them up for you as liners at Phoenix Foliage, our liner facility in Central Florida.

P.S.  Speaking of Phoenix Foliage, here is a recent picture of how our new greenhouses are looking!  WE’RE GROWING FOR YOU!
Let us help you plan all your Tissue Culture needs for 2017.  Call us at 1.800.421.8986 or e-mail

Take advantage of this with items such as Spathiphyllum, Alpinia Variegated Ginger, Curcuma Siam™, Syngonium, Ophiopogon planiscapus Nigrescens and more!  


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