Easter Greetings:

The reality and the wonder of Easter is under attack from all sides right now.   I suppose that this can be expected outside of the church as our society becomes less Christian.  It is however, to say the least, concerning when Easter - the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, is challenged in its authenticity!   One African pastor said to me some time ago “You Mzungu (white) believers came here as pioneers and missionaries over 100 years ago and told us that we should believe the Bible, now you are telling us we should not”!  

The Easter message of new life in Jesus Christ and the power of the resurrection remains for us at Mission International central to what we believe and is central to the Gospel we share.   We believe that without the resurrection as the Apostle Paul says “ …And if Christ has not been raised, your faith is futile, you are still in your sins…if only for this life we have hope in Christ, we are of all people most to be pitied”. 1 Corinthians 15:17ff

This Easter we pray that you will experience the great power of the resurrection in your life and that you will know the Risen Christ daily.

He is Risen!

Hugh Henderson MBE
CEO Mission International

Haiti Project:

During the next three years Mission International will be raising the funding necessary to construct a multi-purpose centre in the heart of the city of Ouanaminthe in Haiti.   The project will comprise a school, a church and a community centre designed to bring support to one of the most needy communities in the world.  The plans are drawn and a model of the building has been made along with an artists impression of how it will look (see below) are now in place, all we need to do is raise the funding to make the ‘dream’ a reality.   You can help by donating on our Haiti Give.net page here. The whole project will cost in the region of £100,000.

As an additional project we will endeavour to raise sponsorship for the many needy children in the city who cannot afford to go to school.  Please consider sponsoring a child in Haiti and by doing so change a life forever.

Church Partnership:

Is your church seeking ways to become more involved in the developing world?  There are many ways in which churches can participate in partnership with Mission International and of course in partnership with local churches in the developing world.   

Preaching opportunities, teams, projects and more.   Your church can be effective internationally as well as locally.

If you would like to find out more about church partnership then please get in touch with is so we can discuss it further.

Micro-Finance Projects:

It is clear that without some help many poor people will remain so for the remainder of their lives.  The Micro-Finance projects philosophy is that of giving a hand up rather than a hand out.   A micro-finance loan provides the start up funding for a small income generating project like an agriculture enterprise or a tailoring small business, a shop or other small project.  The loan is repaid over a period of time and the repaid funds used to provide a loan for someone else.

Mission International has already funded a number of these small projects bringing major change to the recipients of the loans which range from £50-£1000.

To support micro-finance projects please donate here with give.net.

Help for disabled children:

Mobility this Easter time!
As you can imagine life is tough for many people in the developing world.   Grinding poverty takes its toll on even the strongest person. 
25 million wheelchairs needed!
There are 25 million people in the developing world today who are in need of a wheelchair.   For a disabled child the challenges of life are huge.  Facing life in a hostile world with a severe disability is by far the most difficult challenge anyone can face, a wheelchair can make all the difference!
How can you help?
There are a number of ways you can help the disabled.  Here are 8 ways to help!
1. Sponsor a disabled child £20/month  (email requesting the appropriate forms. mail@mission-international.org ).
2. Purchase a wheelchair or other disability equipment. £50-£150 each depending on design, purchased locally.
3. Donate disability equipment: Do you have crutches, a zimmer, a wheelchair, physiotherapy or exercise equipment you no longer need, we can use these to help disabled people with their mobility.
4. Ship a wheelchair to Africa:  £100 will pay the cost of shipping a wheelchair to Africa.
5. Become part of a Mission Medics team to provide physiotherapy, counselling and other support to disabled children and adults.
6. Skills Training: provide skills like crafts which disabled people can participate in which can bring a small income generation opportunity to their lives allowing them to become self sufficient.
7. Do a fundraiser in your area to raise funds to send wheelchairs and other equipment to those in need.
8. Pray for us as we endeavour to bring help the the world’s most needy people!

To donate:
To donate please visit our Give.net page here.

Water Works projects:

The water of life:
Mission International’s WaterWorks projects provide safe, clear and plentiful water to rural communities were water is distant, polluted or unavailable all together.   For as little as £2000 we can provide a simple pump well which can bring water to a whole community.  
Migowi Malawi:
We are currently working with our partners in Malawi to provide a clean, safe water supply in Migowi southern Malawi.   We expect this project to cost £2500.  Please consider supporting this essential project since many people in the area are being hospitalised due to drinking contaminated water.   
Tanzania rural villages:
Our partners in Tanzania have identified a number of very rural villages where a safe water supply is required.   These wells cost £2000 to dig and construct, providing beautiful clean drinking water for the community.
Pictures below:
The pictures below show, first a long line of people waiting to find water at a well.   Due to over use the pump is not working and many have walked many miles to try to find water here.   The second picture is of a water tap provided to a rural community by Mission International donors.   This supply makes sure that many families are able to get clean, safe water but also improve family/community hygiene and disease prevention due to having plenty of water to wash hands and clothes etc.

Donate online:
Please donate via our Give.net page here . 

Trustees Meeting:

Long standing trustee steps down:
The Mission International trustees met for the AGM followed by a trustees meeting on Saturday 28th March.  Vice Guz, a long standing and hard working trustee stepped down in order to 'make room for younger members’ and will be replaced soon we hope.   Our thanks goes out to Vice for his time spent as a trustee and to his long-suffering wife Sheena who released him to serve with us over a number of years.  We wish them God’s continued blessing as they remain serving the charity in other capacities.
Agenda for the future:
A long and varied agenda was covered and a strategy meeting planned for later in the year.  Someone once said “constant change is here to stay” .   We have seen considerable change over the last financial year and we hope to see further positive developments as we move into the future.   Please pray for our trustees as they serve with Mission International, that they may know God’s leading in their work.


Stewardship, hosts of Give.net, provide Mission International with an on-line giving option for donors making it easy to give a one-off gift or set up a regular giving in support of one of our projects.   Your giving will make it possible for us to continue the vital work in which we are involved.

Please pray for us:

We really value your faithful prayers as we endeavour to serve God in sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ and sharing in the lives of those in great need in the developing world.  No matter what you think, your prayers are not insignificant.   In fact the Bible tells us that they are effective.   “..The smoke of the incense, together with the prayers of God's people, went up before God from the angel's hand”. This certainly make it clear that all of our prayers make it into the presence of God.  The Prayer Mate App is available for iOS and Android devices and is a great way to be reminded of Mission International as you pray.
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