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NUMBER 6, 26 June 2015
From the Headmaster

I want to first of all congratulate the Macarthur Senior Athletics Team who competed at the NASSA Carnival yesterday.  There were some wonderful individual performances, more on that later, but particularly pleasing was the participation and competitiveness of all the team members.  The spirit and participation of the team, along with he individual performances saw Macarthur come second which is a truly fantastic result.  Well done to the students who participated.

I trust the upcoming three week vacation is a wonderful time for your family to rest and recuperate and enjoy time together.  As a school it continues to be a very busy time.  Next week we have the sport development days followed the week after with the CRU camp.  Both these activities, I am sure, will be a resounding success.  The numbers of students attending, both Macarthur and those from other schools bodes very well.  

This vacation period also sees the Snowsports Programme with many students attending and competing in the various activities.  Macarthur has had wonderful success over the years and I am sure this year will be no different.  Also taking place during the break are three Duke of Edinburgh hikes, a number of Musical rehearsals as well as many Year 12 Study Days being held by various teachers.  As I said this is a busy vacation period.

The last two days of the vacation period are the Staff Professional Learning Days and we have a great programme set down for the staff in particular looking at better integration of ICT as well as further exploring better ways to teach students to develop Deep Thinking and Enduring Understanding.  I have no doubt these will be very productive days indeed.

Once again I wish you and your family all the very best for a restful and enjoyable holiday.

David Nockles

From the Deputy Headmaster

I wonder if like me you were appalled at the inability of some of the crowd at last week’s State of Origin game to contain themselves during the minute silence acknowledging the passing of Olympic athlete and former Mayor of the Gold Coast Ron Clarke, AO, MBE.  It made me reflect on the conduct of our students at such occasions and how proud they make me feel of our school.

It wasn’t always the case.  When I first arrived at Macarthur almost twenty years ago our students did not know how to do ‘occasions’ very well.  As ridiculous as it sounds such protocols and manners need to be caught as well as taught.  They need to be practiced regularly and instilled by example.  If they are not, we have the sort of sad displays we observed on Wednesday night.

When Dr Nockles (then a mere Mr Nockles) arrived as Deputy, the Headmaster’s Assembly was instituted.  Anzac Day became more formalised and became part of a suite of services we conducted throughout the year.  To be honest, they are not always riveting.  But they are important. Our formal occasions teach us cultural values: they honour successes, mourn the dead, encourage respect, acknowledge service and sacrifice, showcase talent, impart wisdom and values and give glory to God.

I have no doubt that you sometimes hear the grumbles of your child around the dinner table about ‘some boring event’ or service they were forced to attend.  Don’t give it any mind whatsoever. Firstly, they’re seldom as boring as students make out and secondly, though they may tell you they don’t like such formal events, when they have children of their own they will want the very same values instilled in them.  Our job as adults is not primary to entertain children, but to prepare them to take their place as noble citizens in their world.

I am of the view that every Macarthur student from Kindergarten to Year 12 can stand in silence for a single minute of their day in a mark of respect.  How do I know?  I see them do it time and again.

Your sons and daughters are a credit to you at formal occasions.  Some of the very youngest children in our school could teach the adults at State of Origin, who should know better, appropriate cultural protocol.  They give me hope for the future.

Andrew Kokic

From the Dean of Studies

Creating a Culture of Thinking

Over the year, I have been sharing the different traits that contribute towards establishing a Culture of Thinking in the Bulletins.  The sixth and last thinking trait is creating opportunities for schools to be cultures of thinking for teachers.  “Professional learning communities — in which rich discussions of teaching, learning, and thinking become a fundamental part of teachers’ experiences — provide the foundation for nurturing thinking and learning in the classroom.”  [School Leaders] need to value, create, and preserve time for teachers to discuss teaching and learning, grounded in observation of student work.” (Ron Ritchhart and David Perkins)

The School is committed to providing our staff with professional learning on ways to engage our students in the classroom and foster deep thinking.  Each year Macarthur staff participate in staff professional development days during the school holidays to help improve our teaching practice. Over the past two years, we have been focussing on the importance of teaching understanding rather than simply knowledge.  This year we will be exploring how to create a sustained thinking culture at the School.

Rebecca Fitzpatrick has also led a BOSTES accredited course, presenting to staff in the Macarthur region on Socratic Thinking.  This involved teachers learning specific strategies to engender collaborative discussion, deep thinking and reflection in classroom situations.

Some staff have also collaborated with others to observe, discuss and evaluate thinking in the classroom.  It is anticipated that more staff will engage in action research on thinking next semester.

Other Ways We Are Developing a Culture of Thinking

Cultural change doesn’t happen just overnight. It requires long-term commitment and incremental shifts.  Structural changes can also help facilitate cultural change.  To this end, the Headmaster has made a decision to alter the current timetable structure, replacing the current six fifty minute periods with five one hour periods with the aim of students having more time on task and thus more opportunity to engage in activities at a deeper level.

Further to this, the T-6 and 7-12 Academic Committees will also be exploring the types of assessment tasks that best promote deep thinking and learning.

Other academic initiatives that staff will be exploring as part of their professional learning include designing academic programmes that promote thinking skills, creating differentiated lessons for students with varying needs and abilities, using iPad apps to create rich class tasks and further examining how to create effective writers.

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.” Albert Einstein.


Parents of students in Transition – Year 6 and Year 11 will receive their academic reports at the end of this term.  The Year 11 reports will also include a Grade Point Average which students should be using to help track their own progress.  Heads of School will also be monitoring the academic achievement and application of students in their care and where needed, will be having further discussions with either parents or students to help students improve and reach their personal best.

 Melissa Gould-Drakeley

From the Dean of Students

One of the most popular and demanding Co-Curricular activities offered by the School is the Duke of Edinburgh programme in which over 200 students are currently enrolled as participants.  This International Award is a widely recognised qualification and a valuable addition to the Outdoor Education Programme.  The commitment needed for a student to complete each level of the Award demonstrates their ability to face challenges and broaden their interests in a variety of areas.

The Award is progressive with our Year 9 students registering at the Bronze level and then progress through Silver and Gold Levels.  Each student will nominate a Community Service, a Physical Activity and a Skill in which they will complete a set number of hours until they complete the requirement of each Level.  The Gold Award has an additional challenge of needing a Residential Project whereby the participant must be involved in a five day project outside of their normal peer influence in a community service role.  Upon completion of the Gold Award, (which is often not finished until after Year 12,) participants attend a presentation with the Governor where they are presented with their Gold Certificate.

Each level of the Award requires participants to complete Adventure Journeys.  The most recent of these was the Silver practice hike where 32 students completed the three day hike from Katoomba to Jenolan Caves following the Six Foot Track.  This is a challenging hike and made even more difficult by the cold conditions faced during the night and early mornings.  Ice on the tents before heading to bed was a fearsome challenge in itself. 

Students were required to provide all their water and necessary food, carried in their packs, for the 45km walk along with tents, sleeping bags and enough warm clothes to ensure they could keep the cold out.  The idea of the compulsory practice hike is to allow participants to hone their skills and refine their organisation so that they are well-prepared for the Qualifying Journey that follows. This year, the Qualifying Journey for Bronze and Silver levels will be sections of the Great North Walk.  This will also be a practice journey for Gold participants who are required to hike over four days in preparation for their Gold Qualifying Journey on the Kepler Track in New Zealand in December.

The popularity of this programme demonstrates the value and enjoyment our students gain from their participation.  The dedication of staff who also accompany students on the various hikes cannot be understated and it is a fortunate school that has staff who will offer their own time to see students qualify for such awards.  I encourage every student to enrol in this International Award and join the many hundreds of Macarthur students who have enjoyed the challenge and achievements that this programme offers.

Tim Cartwright






From the Chaplain


‘Inside out’, the new PIXAR movie (rated PG) is on my list of must see movies over the coming holidays.  It looks like a cleverly and sensitively crafted reflection of what is going on in the mind of an eleven year old girl, Riley.  A number of emotions are given their own personality and the interplay between joy, sadness, anger, fear and disgust brings to life the internal delights and struggles for a young girl who has to move with her family from one state to another.  It looks like the sort of movie that a parent and child would both enjoy and it would give them something meaningful to talk about afterwards.  After the holidays I look forward to comparing notes with students and parents alike!

What does it feel like to be a Christian?

This term in the Middle School and Senior school chapels we have been looking what it feels like to be a Christian.  Of course there are all sorts of personal differences and personality factors but it has been interesting to open the door on topics like …

“Why should Christians be sad?”, Why should Christians be happy?”, “ Should Christians be optimistic or pessimistic?” and “How much should Christians Care?”.

Responding to the Gospel of Jesus involves our emotions as well as our minds and wills.  We are emotional beings and to be authentic as a follower of Jesus is to understand what this means for our ‘total self’, including our emotions.  We have seen how Jesus was sad, indeed wept, at the death of a friend (John 11), and yet lived knowing the hope, in this case, of resurrection; Jesus taught about how to be happy as one looks for God’s kingdom and recognises their need for the Lord (Matthew 5); we reflected on optimistic and pessimistic and realistic ways of looking at the world and how in Christ there is hope (Ecclesiastes 1) and how in response to the fact and experience of God’s love for us we will want to share that love with others (Luke 8, Romans 12).

The Psalms help us by validating a range of emotions as we approach the Lord. Psalm 42 talks of a downcast soul

Why, my soul, are you downcast?
    Why so disturbed within me?

but concludes…
Put your hope in God,
    for I will yet praise him,
    my Saviour and my God.”

While, by way of contrast, Psalm 100 is bursting with exuberant praise…

It starts “Shout for joy to the Lord, all the earth.” (v1) and concludes, giving a reason for such joy…

“For the Lord is good and his love endures for ever;
    his faithfulness continues through all generations.” (v5)

Praise the Lord that he knows that we are emotional people, sometimes in need of forgiveness, but always loved and able to love others.

The Reverend David Hayman

Some Photos from Oasis Getaway Weekend




Community Chat

Donors don’t give to institutions.  They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe - GT Smith

The School Annual Appeal will have just arrived in your letterbox last week.  Thank you to all who have already donated to the Appeal - your generosity is greatly appreciated.

As we engage with plans for future developments, I look to our school community, including our staff and other members of our local community for support.  Please look on this favourably and prayerfully consider this opportunity to support Macarthur.  If you have misplaced the Appeal you will find it on the School website or alternatively contact me for another copy.

Another opportunity to support Macarthur is by attending the Annual Fundraising Dinner.  This event will be held on Saturday 15 August at the Civic Centre.  Tickets can be purchased online.  If you are able to support the event through donation of items for auction please contact me.  Entertainment for the event will be Peppermint Jam, back by popular demand.

I thank all companies who have supported this event through Sponsorship.

Gold Sponsor: Integrity New Homes

Silver Sponsors: Wards Accounting, Hills Commercial Cleaning, BM Management, Absolutely Fabulous, Oran Park Podium and Schwarz Family Practice.

Bronze Sponsors: Narellan Motor Inn, Grant Services, Capital Finances Aust, Lil Treasures,Grimes Finance & Mortgages, Fowlers Carpets, CCU Autotrim, Select Wholesale Meats.  Thank you also to Oran Park Dental for your contribution.

The auction this year will be online and open to families for bidding two weeks before the dinner. More information regarding this will be given to you all as we get closer to the event.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss the Annual Appeal or Fundraising Dinner.

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas - Fundraising and Community Relations Manager

Library Opening Times during Vacation

Monday 29 June to Friday 3 July the Library will be opened each day from 8.00am to 4.00pm.

Monday 6 July to Friday 10 July the Library will be closed.

Monday 13 July to Friday 17 July the Library will be opened 8.00am to 4.00pm although there will be limited space available on Wednesday 15 July due to a First Aid Course being conducted. 

Uniform Opening Times during the Vacation

Monday 29 June, Monday 6 July, Monday 13 July opened 9.00am to 4.00pm

Wednesday 1 July, Thursday 2 July, Wednesday 8 July, Thursday 9 July, Thursday 16 July opened 9.00am to 2.00pm

Please note the Uniform Shop will not be opened on Wednesday 15 July.


We have some new items on sale at the Junior School Canteen - BBQ and Vegetarian Fried Rice: $2.50, Vegetarian Fried Rice, a mini Spring Roll with Sweet and Sour Sauce: $3.50, Sushi in junior packs: $4.00 and a variety of crunchy Sushi in a roll: $3.50.  All these items are now on Flexi-Schools.  Also the price of Paddle Pops will increase to $1.50 and Olaf (from the movie Frozen) $2.00.

Parents are reminded to send the appropriate cutlery with your child if sending food from home.

From the Sports Faculty

There has been some remarkable sporting accomplishments lately from Macarthur Anglican School students. 

NASSA Cross Country was held on Monday 18 May. Macarthur students competed with pride and had some outstanding results with 9 students finishing on the podium on the day. Macarthur Senior students led by Cross Country captain Grace Murphy won the Senior division.  Macarthur now have 27 students going on to compete at AICES on the Thursday 4 June.  Congratulations to our medal winners:

Bronze Medal Winners:

Jordyn Snape

Cate Ward

Silver Medal Winners:

Caitlin Sendt

Grace Murphy

Anthony Panetta

Dylan Offord

Gold Medal Winners:

Lauren Tisdale

Matilda Offord

Emmanuel Pediotis

AICES Rugby- three students represented NASSA at the AICES U/15 Rugby this year. Congratulations to Lincoln Bartlett, Ryan Kennedy and Lars Hines on representing not only the school but the NASSA association with great pride and passion helping the association to its best results in years.

AICES Hockey- Michael Zenkis and Keegan Potigeter made the long trip to Newcastle for AICES Hockey. They both played exceptionally well with Keegan being selected in the AICES team and Michael selected as a shadow player. This is a great effort considering both boys are in year 9 competing against year 12 boys. 

AICES Football- Aleesha Santos, Daniel Blachura, Trent Sierra and Lachlan Roberts all represented NASSA at the AICES Football gala day. Both the boys and girls teams won the day an exceptional result for NASSA. On top of this Trent and Lachlan were selected to represent at the CIS carnival.

AICES Touch Football- Rachel Newton, Jordyn Snape, Claudia Kennett-Smith, Matilda Offord, Mia Mylonas represented at the AICES touch football. The Junior girls team came first on the day and the senior girls team came second on the day. Congratulations to Matilda Offord for being selected to represent at the CIS carnival.

CIS Swimming- Georgina and Sophia Seton both represented at CIS. Georgina results included 5th in 50m and 100m Backstroke, 2nd in the 50m, 100m, and 200m Breaststroke

Sophia results included: 8th in the 50m Backstroke, 7th in the 100m Backstroke and 50m breaststroke 

Wesley Horne - Faculty Head

Student Achievements
Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awardees

Congratulations to both Mitchell Robinson and Henry Cartwright who are been approved to receive their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award.  This is a fantastic effort by both students to achieve their Gold Award before completing Year 12.


Junior School Jottings

By now, all Junior School reports would have been received.  It is true to say that teachers of young children agonise over reports.  The process of allocating a grade as a representation of all the learning, growing and development that occurs over the Semester is challenging form teachers as they want to really acknowledge the depth and breadth of learning that occurs for every child.  Having said this, however, it is very important that learners and their parents have a clear indication of how they are travelling and that the information they receive celebrates growth, affirms effort and points the way for future development.

Head of School Morning Tea

On Tuesday the following students enjoyed a yummy morning tea to reward them for working hard towards achieving their learning goals throughout Autumn Term: Matthew Ferguson, Keira Henson, Evalina Blackie, Skylar Ornelos, Ainsley Southern, Danielle Canarella, Alexander Condoleon, Rhys Daley, Mikayla Butler, Ben Kanatli, Nellie Jansen, Jonah Williams, Marielle Lucia, Lachlan Siemon, Anastasia Condoleon, Samuel Hazlett, Christopher Sutcliffe, Jemma Watson, Michaela Condoleon, Annabelle Neervoort, Alexandra Acres and Michaela Acres.

I would like to wish all families a wonderful holiday break.  May you stay safe and make some time to relax and rejuvenate with your children so that we are all ready to take on Winter Term!

Mrs Kylie Elling - Head of Junior School

Whats Happening in Kindergarten?
Jamie Oliver - Food Revolution Day

Kindergarten joined in the Food Revolution for the second time at Macarthur.  The students had so much fun whilst learning to prepare a healthy, delicious meal.

Kindergarten Love Sharing their Learning Journey

Kindergarten recently shared their ‘All About Me’ and ‘Health Food’ units at the K-4 Assembly.  They enjoyed dressing up as what they would like to be when they grow up.  We have many budding hairdressers, builders, teachers, pilots, doctors and racing car drivers!

Lots of hands on activities means lots of busy hands and minds in Kindergarten.

We have many wonderful parent helpers in Kindergarten.  Here we are using our Rekenrek counting frames.  
Chess Takes Off!

The Junior School and Middle School Chess Club have had a number of extension sessions with Mr Davey and Mrs Hey over the past few weeks.  Mr Davey has been teaching the students about tournament etiquette, strategy and maintaining resilience.  The students, together with Mrs Hey are preparing for their first tournament to be held at Glenwood Public School on Tuesday 24 July.

Year 4 Historians

Year 4 have had a very busy and exciting term.  In History we have studied ‘Our Community and Remembrance’ learning about ANZAC Day, the local indigenous people, the township of Cobbitty and German immigration in the 1850’s and Chinese immigration to the area in the 1920’s.  To commemorate the 100th anniversary of ANZAC Day we read many wonderful picture books and conducted research using the Bible Society resource, ‘Their Sacrifice’.

One of the highlights of our unit was visiting St Paul’s Anglican Church, the Heber Chapel and the Rectory at Cobbitty and hearing about our local history from Mr Burge and The Reverend David Barrie.  It was very special for the classes to visit the Rectory where Sophie lives.


In Science we have studied ‘The Earth Beneath Our Feet’.  It is fascinating to look at the soil and rocks from our own backyards and then learning about the huge range of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks that exist.  Conducting an experiment to model erosion and doing some research on Uluru.

In Writing, we have been learning how to identify and use Voice and develop Ideas in our writing.

As the ballerina leapt onto the stage, the spotlight immediately turned to her - Lilly Siemon

The men peered over the side of the boat watching the gunfire come heavily at them - Jorja Baker

As the bride arrived the groom helped her out of the Rolls Royce with the pale white ribbons across the front.  They stepped out and skipped down the aisle that was filled with excited people - Shay Jensen 

A whole army of fighters, guns and shields in had, running out towards the battlefield - Caleb Groves

Mrs Ha and Mrs Neaves

Transition News
Fabulous Fresh Fruit

In Transition we all enjoy our morning fruit break.  We nibble on delicious pieces of fruit and vegetables and have a refreshing drink of water.  We love to eat apples, mandarins, bananas, grapes and berries as well as cucumbers, carrots and corn.  We have also been learning that we need to eat fruit and vegetables to keep ourselves healthy.  We have painted some great pictures of colourful fruit.

Mrs Morse



Middle School Musings

As Autumn Term comes to a close I would like to wish all the families a safe and enjoyable holiday break. An opportunity for the students to rest, reflect on the term and look ahead at opportunities for improvement in effort or application for the term ahead. All students are encouraged to develop a plan for the term ahead. Goals that will keep you on track for individual improvements.

Year 9 Study Skills

Year 9 students reviewed the diary planning principles and looked at the concept of completing two half hour blocks of schoolwork each night, keeping schoolwork and personal time separate. Each night, homework should be the first priority, then students were encouraged to work on assessments and then if there is still time left they should focus on independent learning: reading ahead in the text, doing extra questions or research and making study notes.  Year 9 also examined the study techniques they normally used and chose some new techniques they could try the rest of this year.

Parents are encouraged to review and discuss the handout from the session with students and identify practical changes they can make to improve their approach to learning.  The Study Skills Tips for Parents website ( provides additional advice for parents needing more information.  The skills of resilience, persistence and self-discipline are probably the most important skills that parents need to nurture in their students.

All secondary students and parents at our school also have access to a fabulous and comprehensive study skills website to help students develop their skills. Go to and enter the username: formasonly and the password: 27results and start improving your results today! Additional handouts referred to during the session are available on the ‘Things to Print’ page of this site. Also visit the ‘Highlights’ page (under the More menu) for easy access to the most popular sections of the site.

Festival of Performing Arts

Friday 19 June was an opportunity for the school to celebrate its Foundation. What better way to conclude this than through the Performing Arts Festival in the evening? It was clear that they’re a many talented students right through the school. Sharing these talents with parents, grand parents and the wider Macarthur community. During the evening we were able to see Drama and Music performances from each age group within the school.



Language Perfect Report

At the conclusion of the annual Language Perfect World Championships, Macarthur Anglican School students have once again excelled.  In fact, this year we have a world champion in our midst!  Amy Ledbetter of Year 8 came first out of more than one thousand students competing in the Indonesian section of the Competition, scoring an amazing 17,105 points.  Our students dominated the top ten places with Elizma Nel (Year 9) taking out third place, Elise Driver (Year 9) coming fourth, Julia Kokic (Year 10) coming seventh place.  Ashleigh Sherrell (Year 10) took out fourteenth place.  Over all, twenty-eight students received Certificates of Excellence for their efforts.

These individual efforts once again saw us take out the top Indonesian school in Australia in the 51-100 students category and the top school in NSW and improved our overall ranking from tenth to eighth in Indonesian. Congratulations to all participants on your outstanding efforts.

NSW Equestrian Championships

An equestrian team represented the School at the NSW Interschool Championships at a four day competition from 18 to 21 June.  This competition consisted of 600 individual competitors over 2,300 individual competitions.  The team consisted of Brooke Baker, Taylor Drayton, Connor Dunbier, Jye Dunbier, Eden Kautz, Paris Kellner, Grace Tyson and Isabella Tyson.  There were many excellent individual results with several team members qualifying for National selection.  The School was also runner-up in the overall point score of the Primary Vaulting Competition.  All of the team represented their school admirably and should be proud of their individual achievements at such a high level competition.

Grace and Noddy


Bella and Polly


Taylor Drayton


Connor and Cash

From the Head of Senior School

It has certainly been a busy term in the Senior School at Macarthur.  Students have been involved in a wide variety of activities, from carnivals, to recital evenings, to Happy Day, to numerous assessment tasks.  For our Year 12 students the upcoming break will be more like a working holiday, full of study as they prepare for their Trial HSC Examinations in Week 2 of next term.  Many of our teachers will be holding holidays classes (or consultations) for our Year 12 students as they prepare for these examinations or finish completing major works.  Students have been issued a timetable and this timetable has been published on the Senior School at Macarthur Facebook page.  The upcoming holidays hold a range of different activities for students in the Senior School including Snowsports, Duke of Edinburgh hikes and the Global Young Leaders Conference.

Snowsports 2015

I would like to take this opportunity to wish our students all the best as they head to Jindabyne, Thredbo and Perisher these holidays for both a fun time away to learn some new skills or to compete in the Regional Snowsports Interschools Championships.  I too am looking forward to this wonderful event.

Year 10 Academic Testing and Career Profiling

Earlier this term all students in Year 10 undertook academic testing to help inform parents and the school about the academic growth of each student.  As part of this testing students completed a careers profile to assist them to identify the career interest groups that they may have.

Prior to this testing students participated in some theoretical work in PDHPE lessons looking at the influences that affect career choice, what interest groups are and how to interpret their career profile.

The results to these tests have now been made available to students.  During House Group time over the last two weeks students have been meeting with myself to interpret their results, discuss subject choice and discuss pathways to University or further study.  Students also began to complete some basic research into the careers highlighted by the test using the 2015 Job Guide.

As students complete this research they will be given the profile to bring home.  Due to a range of factors not all students have been able to complete this research prior to the holidays and some time will be given early next term for students to complete this.  If parents have any questions regarding the testing please contact me at the school.

Scott Bedingfield

Senior School at Macarthur on Facebook 

To stay up-to-date with courses and happenings in the Senior School may I remind parents and students to keep tabs on our Senior School Facebook page.  If you like this page the information will come straight to your news feed.  The purpose of this page is to keep our students and parents up to date with what is happening in the Senior School as well as with information regarding careers and tertiary information.

However, it is important to note that it is not an expectation that students in the Senior sShool have a Facebook account.  The information provided on the Facebook site is also directly linked to the Senior School Portal on the School Intranet.

Careers Expo 2015

Students in Year 10, 11 and 12 had the opportunity on Friday 29 May to attend the Sydney Morning Herald HSC and Careers Expo, held in the Royal Hall of Industries in Moore Park.  This expo provided students with the opportunity to find out what courses Universities have to offer and to ask questions as they prepare for making University Applications or choosing their subjects for Year 11 and 12.  All students came back with a greater appreciation of what is available beyond school and a little extra incentive to get through their HSC studies.




From the School Vice-Captain
Dodgeball: Winter Term

“If you're going to become true dodge ballers, then you've got to learn the five D's of dodgeball: Dodge, Duck, Dip, Dive and Dodge!”  - As we approach the close of the Autumn term, the victors of Dodgeball 2015 emerge – Broughton!

The stands were roaring as the balls went flying, the Houses were battling it out in an attempt to set the pecking order with each house challenging for the top of the ladder.The house spirit was running high, as leaders of each house team were carried to either victory or defeat.

Reputations were on the line, as each game followed juniors, seniors then finally the decider – between combined teams of Year 12 students and teachers from each house. The team with the best reflexes, better known as “dodgability” - won the game!

The Dodgeball round robin, organised and run by the School Prefects, proved to be an excellent way to bring out the underlying passion of students.  Houses came together to compete in a pressure free environment, to not only represent their colours, but to strengthen the house community.

This friendly competition will be swiftly met with the next battle of houses – Tug of War.  In light of this, it has proved to be a reminder that sometimes it’s best just to get out and have fun - dodging, ducking, dipping, diving and of course dodging!

Lachlan Hanley

Champ Camp: Information for Parents of Year 12

All Year 12 students have been issued with forms for Champ Camp, which will be held in the first week of the October vacation, (21 September to 25 September) just before the HSC examinations.  The venue is the KCC Convention Centre at Katoomba, which offers comfortable facilities for students and staff at a reasonable cost.  The Camp offers students the opportunity to study for approximately 35 hours without distractions and most teachers of Year 12 will attend at some point to run sessions and mark work or offer individual consultations where necessary.

The Camp gives students an excellent opportunity to hone their skills and receive feedback from their teachers at a crucial time in their preparation, and many former students have testified to the way it helped them to focus and succeed beyond even their own expectations.

There will also be time for relaxation and fun during the breaks and we have organised a cruise of the Nepean River at Penrith on the Wednesday night.

To secure a place, a deposit of $100 should be paid to the Accounts Department by 24 July, the balance of $320 being due by Friday 28 August.  The forms, which include medical and dietary forms and a parent declaration, should be handed to Mrs Low by Friday 28 August.  Adherence to these deadlines would be appreciated.

Any questions can be directed to Mrs Low at school.