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Bulletin Issue 24 : May 2018
This Month : Springs brings some economic growth

Welcome to our May bulletin

Dear Client.

We hope this bulletin will keep you up-to-date with topical financial matters that can directly affect you… and your money!

The first quarter of the year saw another period of stock market volatility with sharp falls across most of the worlds markets in January and early February followed by further, if slightly less volatile movements in March and April.

Nuclear news moves markets


In recent weeks however tangible signs of progress in the relationship between the US and North Korea were enough to ease market nerves after some worrying but predictable geopolitical news earlier in the week. 

It was announced that Donald Trump will meet Kim Jong-un on 12 June in Singapore, where the US president will likely try to convince the North Korea leader to scrap his entire nuclear weapons programme. Trump has shown that he is unlikely to settle for a multilateral solution by finally abandoning the deal with Iran, even though there is no real evidence to suggest Tehran has reneged on the terms.

Increased protectionism

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Many regions of the globe continue to experience some degree of economic growth, although this is now 'complicated' by a growing trend in protectionism - the practice of shielding a country's domestic industries from foreign competition by taxing imports, with US tariffs on steel being a prime example.

President Trump continues on his programme of 'making America great again' whilst China and Russia appear to be granting that their own leaders should now enjoy jobs for life... with Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping displaying not dis-similar ambitions, via their attempts to restore the primacy of the State.

The reality is that there are social and political problems throughout Europe which make much of the political posturing over Brexit seem insignificant. It is therefore to be hoped that progress made thus far in stimulating growth does not fall victim to the cut and thrust of Brexit events.

In conclusion, we seem to have a template for yet further volatility this year and whilst still seeking out growth opportunities, we are also looking long and hard at various ways in which we might further reduce exposure to risk within your portfolio.

New ISA season approaches

As we head towards a new ISA season we should remind you that, although upon first death, an ISA can be passed between spouses or civil partners, upon on a second death it cannot be passed (tax free) to children or other beneficiaries.

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