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News from Barney’s May 2018


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Films and Funding


From Andy and Liz...

This Sunday in our morning gathering we will be completing our sermon series on 1 Peter. This has been an encouraging and challenging series of talks, which has looked at how we are to be followers of Jesus in this broken world in which we find ourselves. It is amazing how much of what Peter wrote nearly 2,000 years ago to Christians on the other side of the world resonates with us today in our Western culture. Peter calls us to live holy lives that stand out, firm in our identity as God's people. He acknowleges that the Christian life is not always a walk in the park, but repeatedly reminds us of the reason we persevere, namely Jesus, and all he has done for us. Peter knew very well what this was, for he had experienced making mistakes, getting things wrong, and falling short of what the Lord was asking of him. Nevertheless, he encourages his readers to persevere, so that they, like him, might experience the grace of God in their lives and live in a way that proclaims the gospel of Jesus. Let’s continue to reflect on what he says, and seek to do the same.

As we head into May, we will begin a new series of talks around spiritual formation, and the idea that it is a process of transformation into the image of Jesus for the good of others. This looks like being an exciting and practical series, so do come along and listen if you can. And don’t forget that if you miss any of our Sunday talks, they are all available on our website:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light. (1 Peter 2:9)


Praying for the English Language Cafe
Missional Community


It has been an amazing start to the year at the English Language Cafe with a whole bunch of new faces and a few familiar ones. We've had 20+ people along every Monday night from 11 different countries which has allowed us to have excellent group discussions and opportunities to learn about different cultures. We've discussed topics such as agriculture, Easter, Anzac Day and war, food and also birthdays. We have also had extra activities this semester including travelling to Green's Beach, board games on a rainy day and just yesterday, a trip to Agfest.

We are very thankful for our volunteers who have worked really hard on providing a fun and safe place for our international community to come to. 


We have loved the sense of community and belonging which we have seen among people this year, many of whom stay and chat a further 20 minutes after a night officially finishes! 

Please pray for more volunteers to join our team, especially for Monday nights. We currently have only a small number of volunteers which means sometimes there is only one English-speaker in each group. 

Nevertheless, we are excited for the rest of the year and the opportunities for deeper relationships and fun within the Cafe community.

If you would like to find out more about supporting non-native speakers of English as they seek community in Launceston, and sharing the gospel with them, speak to Erin or Ashlee, or email


Letters on Redress

Over the past two weeks, Bishop Richard Condie has written to all Anglican parishes in Tasmania on the serious subject of redress for survivors of child sexual abuse and its implications for churches in Tasmania. If you didn’t hear it read out at Barney’s, you can read the initial letters here and here

In addition to this, a third letter and statement outline the proposed contribution to this process of redress which our Barney’s community will be asked to make.


Refurbishing the Old Church

We are fortunate to have the Old Church at Barney’s available as a secondary space, where our Kids Praise Club meets on Sunday mornings. However, the space is not as comfortable as it could be; in particular, the heating is inadequate in winter and there are no toilet facitilies. As we value our children and want them to be able to grow in their discipleship in suitable surroundings, we have made the decision to refurbish the Old Church to make it more comfortable and useable, including adding a toilet, kitchenette, heating new entrance. We are applying to the diocese for permission to use funds set aside for building maintenance to finance this and hope to get the work started as soon as possible. If you would like to take a look at the plans we have had drawn up, please click here.

Bishop Richard Condie

Coming up...

10th May - Huddle Leader Training
Barney’s, 7-9.30pm

An evening for anyone leading a huddle or who might be interested in leading one in the future, with introductory training and also more advanced information for those who have been leading huddles for a while. There will also be space for questions and dicussions with other participants. For more information, email


25th August - PeaceWise Training
St. Clements, Hobart

PeaceWise exists to provide practical help and real hope to a conflict-weary world. Their training teaches personal peacemaking and Christian conflict resolution skills with a strong biblical foundation. We at Barneys recommend this training. To register and for more information, please visit


Films and Funding

In the middle of February, Andy wrote to our whole community about some changes to our funding coming up this year. (You can read more about this here.)

Connected with this, we have produced TWO videos. Please watch these videos, and please share them with your friends and family. 


Our short (7 minute) video:

 Barney's - God's Missionary People, Seeing Lives Transformed 

Our longer (20 minute) video:

 Barney's - God's Missionary People, Seeing Lives Transformed - Directors Cut(!) 

Final Notes…

Hospital Visits

Alice Cordwell currently works at Launceston General Hospital and is offering to conduct hospital visits for people connected with our Barney’s community. If you know anyone who may appreciate a visit, please let Alice know on 0408 814 564.

Barney’s Prayer Network

Our prayer network operates by text message on 0481 072 663. Please text this number with prayer requests, with the word JOIN to join and the word STOP to remove yourself from the list.