Hurricane Relief: Cellular Coverage
Lack of communications is a major problem! Many of our fellow citizens in Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico, have had to learn how to survive without communications in the wake of this years truly devastating hurricane season. First came Harvey, Irma, Katia, Jose, and then Maria all throwing detrimental blows to our communications solutions in the effected areas. 

We were told by top carriers in the Houston area, that over 7,000 cell sites went down. In Florida communications & internet service damage is still being accessed and in a total state of recovery. The worst yet, Puerto Rico, it's in a state of utter disarray without communications, one service provider Claro has managed to maintain the smallest amount of coverage but millions are left without phone or internet coverage. AT&T has confirmed that 95% of the towers in Puerto Rico are not operational and timelines for repair are unknown.

Puerto Rico Communications Headline ImageFlorida Communications Headline

Now it is our time as service providers and manufacturers to be there for our fellow citizens in need with ToughTower™ support. 

Solaris Technologies has work around the clock to provide our local Texas marketplace with ToughTower™ solutions for relief from Hurricane Harvey and now we have added on projects in Puerto Rico and Florida. Our team is committed to providing an excellent temporary cellular ToughTower™ to get those lines of communications running again.

Our team has put together some great options for quick relief:

60’ Quick Deploy Cellular Tower
  • 60 Foot Tall Aluminum Tower
  • Supports 100 lb.
  • Installed quickly on a 4x4 cement slab
  • 7 units in stock & ready to ship

$2,455 USD each
Quick Deploy Tower Image
80' Quick Deploy on Wheels
80’ Quick Deploy on Wheels
  • 80 Foot Galvanized Steel Tower
  • Tower on Trailer Solution
  • Pre-installed toolbox
  • Non-Motorized Solution 
  • Comes with Guy Wires and all hardware
  • GVW 3,500 lbs
106’ ToughTower™ 
Cellular-on-Wheels  COW
  • 106 Foot Galvanized Steel
  •  Lifts 1,100 lb.
  • 110 Mph  Windspeed Supported
  • Tower on Trailer Solution 
  • Lift & Tilt Feature
  • 9 Guys provided with all hardware   
106' ToughTower