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NUMBER 11, 2015
From the Headmaster

Welcome back to Spring Term 2016.  This is a term that has begun with a significant reworking of the School’s timetable.  While this has involved some relatively minor changes in the Junior School, the changes are far more substantial in the Middle School and Senior School.  On the whole the change has worked well with both students and staff having to get to know the new  routines.  There have, as expected, been some minor glitches which we are working on.  The benefit to the learning and teaching is significant and worth the minor unsettledness.

The HSC cohort of 2015 is well and truly settled into examination routine.  Indeed a few students have almost completed their examinations.  I received a lovely letter from the University of Wollongong earlier this week informing me that Macarthur has set a new record, both for itself and for other schools, in that 31 students have received an early entry offer for UOW in 2016.  This is even more extraordinary because UOW did not give any early offers in some areas such as engineering.  It is amazing to think that even before the HSC examinations have been completed, just under 40% of our students have secured a place at university for next year.  Congratulations to them, they deserve it.

I am delighted to inform you that I have appointed yet another Alumni to the School.  Dr Rebecca Bennison (nee Shephard) who was in the graduating class of 1998 has joined our Music staff.  It is a delight to welcome Dr Bennison to our staff and I look forward very much to the positive influence she will have on our music programme through her academic focus and performance excellence.

Tomorrow the School campus is open for a large community event.  For the past few years and again this year, Men & Machines have used our site to put on an amazing show.  While this has nothing to do with Macarthur I am happy to support the community through this show.  In their own words, “A show with everything, a show for everyone”.  If you have a few minutes to come and look over the displays I am sure you will enjoy it.

David Nockles

From the Deputy Headmaster

I was in my early twenties when I gave up on those big single sex events.  It was a buck’s night in the early 1990’s that ultimately decided the issue.  The unwelcome advances the young waitresses endured that evening, coupled with the chest beating of young and middle-aged men alike crystallized my resolution once and for all … this event would be the last. 

It seemed to me that all too often all-male events sunk to the lowest common denominator.  Six years at a public boys high school in Sydney’s south-west had laid the foundations for my eventual disdain. I had become weary of the boorish behaviour of men in large groups and so I decided to leave the herd.

All that said I still enjoy male company, especially in smaller groups of three or four.  Thirty years after leaving school I still have a few mates with whom I catch up once or twice a year for a meal and some laughs.  All too rarely I enjoy a day out at the footy, cricket or better still a day out fishing with some male friends.  And to be fair, not every other bloke’s experience is the same as mine.  Some men I know had wonderful times at their all-boys school.  For others the camaraderie they developed with other groups of men in a sporting team or cadets was their making.  Nevertheless, mine was a pretty stereotypical experience and there are many who have shared it and who now prefer mixed company like I do.

In my role enrolling students at Macarthur it is remarkable how many parents make a significant part of their choice on our school based on the fact it is co-educational.  And it would seem to me, as one who has experienced both types of schooling (as a student, teacher and parent), that the mix of the sexes at school often softens the worst stereotypical traits of both genders.  I know I am on dangerous ground here, but in my view the over-exaggerated machismo of the boys appears checked by the presence of girls (who don’t tend to find such chest-beating nearly so impressive).  In a similar way, most boys don’t tend to be attracted to girls who are unnecessarily mean to each other.  It is a win-win.

Believe it or not co-education is an old idea.  The Ancient Greek Philosopher Plato believed boys and girls should be taught side-by-side.  ‘Co-education,’ he wrote, ‘Creates a feeling of comradeship.’ School is not just a place where we learn factual information.  It is a place where we learn about each other … how to live, work and play together … or in Plato’s words, how to be ‘comrades,’ equal in our diversity.  The social experience co-educational schools like Macarthur provides equips our students for the real adult world where the must work and live together.  What better place to start than at school?

Andrew Kokic

From the Dean of Studies

Innovative Assessment Practices

As students move towards a future in which attributes like collaborating with others, problem solving and seeing things from multiple perspectives will be more highly valued than knowing and regurgitating facts, it is imperative that we give students opportunities to foster these qualities and skills at school.  As a result, this academic year, there will be a far greater emphasis on students’ classwork and assisting students to become aware of their own learning strengths, weakness and needs.  Students will be encouraged to learn for learning sake rather than just doing work because they have an assessment task to complete.

The primary purpose of assessment is to improve student performance and achievement.  In general, a single assessment instrument will not tell us all we need to know about students’ achievement and how it can be improved.  Rather, student learning needs to be assessed through a variety of tasks and over a sustained period of time.  It is essential that part of the assessment process involves feedback that can be used to inform and further develop learning. 

The current curriculum places an equal emphasis on assessment as learning, assessment for learning and assessment of learning.  The latter two forms of assessment will not be new to parents but assessment as learning is a relatively new concept.

Assessment as learning occurs when students reflect on and monitor their own progress so that they can determine their future learning goals.  “Assessment as learning establishes students’ roles and responsibilities in relation to their learning and assessment.  It engages students in self and peer-assessment and promotes students’ confidence and self-esteem through an understanding of how they learn.  Its focus on student reflection on their learning is powerful in building metacognition and an ability to plan for their own future learning goals. 

“Effective assessment empowers students to ask reflective questions and consider a range of strategies for learning and acting. “ (Earl 2003). This type of assessment helps students take charge of their own learning and recognise what they need to do next to learn more and improve.

Assessment as learning emphasises the process of learning as it is experienced by the student. 

Teachers will be giving students strategies of how to do this.  Examples of students’ assessment as learning could include the following:

  • setting learning goals for each of their subjects at the beginning of  each term. Students in T-6 have been doing this for the past two years and students in 7-12 are now being encouraged to do this. 
  • using formal and informal feedback to help them understand the next steps in their learning and move forward.
  • assess their own and their peers’ learning informally and formally.
  • evaluating their learning at the end of each lesson through discussion or an quick  written survey.
  • reflecting on their learning in journals

Assessment as learning helps students it helps students foster their self-esteem and self-confidence as they realise that they have the power to make changes to their learning and understanding. It is an important component of assessment as it is a tool that helps students develop life-long learning skill. 

Melissa Gould-Drakeley

From the Dean of Students

Traditionally it has been the practice for parents or guardians to give permission for their children to participate in activities by signing a permission note and having this returned to the organising staff member.  This allows for the keeping of accurate attendance records and a way of communicating any current medication that may need to be given during the variation to routine. 

After extensive testing within our school framework, an online version of permission notes will slowly be introduced throughout the current term for all Year 7-12 students.  This will allow a parent to simply acknowledge the participation of their child through an online form when upon submission, will be sent to the school by using either a desktop or mobile device.  No log-in will be required and the ability to provide specific written information requiring medication advice will remain.

An email will be sent from ‘ParentPaperwork’ to the email address held by the School alerting parents that a Parent Slip requires your attention.  Clicking the link supplied and completing the checkbox, will immediately send a return email to the staff member organising the excursion.  The details of the excursion will remain on your device for your convenience.  The email you receive will have the following appearance:

::Desktop:Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.34.23 am.png






I am sure this method of acknowledging your child’s participation will prove to be a benefit for ensuring notes are returned promptly upon receipt and the filing of excursion details made for easier for future reference.

If you would like to discuss the details of this procedure, please contact me on 4629 6237.

Timothy Cartwright

Chaplains Chat

Take Love- clothing appeal for Anglicare

A huge thank you to those who gave clothes in our inaugural clothing appeal for Anglicare.

I took the clothes over to the Narellan Anglicare shop, where they were very gratefully received.

We receive so many blessings in life, including clothes, and part of our response of thanks to the Lord is to share our ‘resources’ with those who are doing it tough.

As Paul reminds us 

Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart to give, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God lo
ves a cheerful giver.” 2 Corinthians 9.7

Year 6 Outreach to North Queensland

Twenty-five Year 6 students had a wonderful, and challenging time in North Queensland at the end of last term.  One of the highlights for me was the story of the reconciliation rock at Cooktown, told to us by a local indigenous woman, Alberta Hornsby. This is an artist’s impression of the occasion when an elderly indigenous man came forward to reconcile with Captain Cook after a dispute over a turtle in 1770. To his credit, Cook accepted the gesture of a broken spear and the matter was settled. This is a little known part of the history between indigenous and non-indigenous Australians and the reminder of the power of reconciliation for us today was not lost on the students.

 The Reverend David Hayman




Parents and Friends

Welcome back to the last term for the year.

As this is the lead up to the Christmas period I am sure you are already quite busy.  The W@M have also been busy!

The Cancer Council Pink Ribbon event is almost upon us.  Project Pink will be held on Monday night 26 October at The Italian Food Project.  Ticket sales will close next week on Tuesday 20 October. Please see the flyer later in the Bulletin for more information.

The W@M will also be hosting a Gingerbread Workshop this year.  It is quite a few years since we have held one here at the School so this is your opportunity if you have never had the chance to make one.  This workshop is open to children parents and friends.

The event will be held at school on the evening of Wednesday 18 November.  If you are unable to attend you are still able to purchase a kit and construct the house in the comfort of your own home. This is a wonderful activity in the Christmas lead up.  As we will need to order the Gingerbread kits we will need final numbers by next Tuesday, that’s Tuesday 20 October.  Orders can be made via Try Booking. See the flyer in this edition for more information.

The Ham Drive held last year was a success and so the W@M will be running another one this year. More information will be in the next edition of the Bulletin. 

I will also give information regarding the Speech and Awards night bus service in the next Bulletin.


The Annual Benefit Concert will be held Friday October 30, this will commence at 7.00pm and be held in the Camden Civic Centre.  Proceeds from this event will be directed to local charity African AIDS Foundation.

People from our school community have been asking me recently what the foundations work involves.  As our Annual Benefit Concert generates funds for this organization I felt it was time to give a little background. 

African AIDS Foundation (AAF) commenced in the year 2000 under the direction of Dr John and Rosalie Schwarz.  The Foundation is based at the Schwarz Family Medical Practice in Elderslie.  AAF supports projects aimed at helping children and youth in the rural areas of South Africa and Kenya. The focus of the foundation is the support for orphaned children and children living with HIV/AIDS.  HIV/AIDS has killed almost a generation of young adults leaving enormous numbers or orphans and at risk children.  AAF is also involved in many other projects.  More information may be found on the foundations' website  AAF is a tax-deductible organization.

Please save this date and support this worthy School outreach event.  More information is available on the attached flyer.

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas

From the Head of Junior School

‘Springing’ back into Spring Term!

I would like to extend a warm welcome back to all our parents and students as we commence Spring Term.  We are looking forward to continuing a busy and productive year with your children.  A Curriculum Information Sheet for Spring Term will be emailed to all Junior School families next week.  These give you a good insight into the teaching and learning programmes that are specific to the grade your child is in. 

You will be aware that we are operating on a new timetable this term.  It has been a positive beginning to the term in many ways.  The students have adapted well to the new timings and are busily preparing themselves for ‘the next grade.’

Biblical Studies

Teachers will continue to teach Biblical Studies using an exciting series by Christian Education Publications called ‘Connect’, which looks at men and women who lived by faith.  Kindergarten will be working through a series entitled ‘Beginning With God.’  Our Chapel services will reinforce what is studied in class.  Chapel services will be held in the School Chapel each Monday.  Transition to Year 2 Chapel is now held at 11.00am and Years 3 and 4 Chapel is held at 12.30pm in the Chapel.  Parents are welcome to attend. 


In Sport this term the children in Kindergarten to Year 2 will be participating in swimming lessons at Narellan Swimming Academy.  Students have been placed in graded groups and will be taught skills by trained swimming teachers. 

Spring Term marks the conclusion of Summer IPSSO Sports.  IPSSO students will continue to participate in the sports of Boy’s Cricket, Mixed Oz-tag, Girl’s Football and Mixed Basketball.  For students who are not selected in an IPSSO team this term, they will be attending Narellan Swimming Academy to participate in the swimming programme.

This term the Junior School will continue to hold a weekly Assembly in the Chapel on Fridays at 12.20pm (please note the new time).  Parents are always invited to attend.  Please refer to the ‘Significant Dates’ document which outlines which class is hosting the assembly as well as other significant events for your diary.

We look forward to a most enjoyable term with your children where we can celebrate their achievements.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time if you have any questions about the curriculum or to discuss your child’s progress.  Semester 2 reports should be mailed home towards the end of Spring Term.

Trial – New Book Club ‘Carnival Club’

Parents would have received information regarding a new Book Club that we are trialling for this term.  Mrs Kelly Harris does a fantastic job organising this, promoting Literacy across the Junior School.  Please email (with ‘Book Club Feedback’ in the subject heading) if you would like to leave some feedback regarding this new venture. 

Kylie Elling

Skip for Bibles

On Wednesday 14 October 2015 Year 4 participated in a ‘Skip-A-Thon’ to raise money to buy bibles for each of the Kindergarten students to take home. 

When we were first told about the challenge, the idea of skipping for twenty minutes made me feel nervous because I thought skipping for three minutes was challenging. 

However, once I started skipping I found it was actually quite fun because we were all skipping together.  At the end of twenty minutes I felt proud and excited because I knew it was for a good cause and that it was helping and serving others. 

Now because of Year 4’s efforts the Kindergarten children can continue to learn about God reading their own bibles in their own homes.  We are spreading God’s word!

By Gabriella Hand  4N



Year 4 Visit to the Farm

Year 4 have been studying ‘Who Will Buy’.  To begin our in-class project ‘From the Paddock to our Homes’, at the end of Winter Term we made two ventures to the school farm.  It was wonderful to see such an array of animals.  We were surprised to see the process of growing and caring for sheep and cattle includes weighing and measuring them.  On our second visit we watched the sheep being expertly shorn. 

Mrs Ha and Miss Flintoft


Tiger Shield Soccer Tournament

On the first Saturday of the spring term, a Macarthur boy’s and girl’s soccer team were invited to play in the Tiger Shield Primary School Soccer Tournament at Ron Dine Oval. Macarthur Anglican School was one of 15 public, independent and catholic schools represented in the competition. 

Each game was exactly 15 minutes and started and finished at the sound of a siren through the loud speakers. No time for a break at half time - the clock kept ticking! The main strategy was to attack and make the most of every opportunity score within that short time frame. Macarthur boy’s team had three tough qualifying games, losing each on the corners rule and missing out on the quarter finals. 

The girls managed to do very well and progressed to the grand final undefeated, beating Currans Hill, Camden South, Mount Annan, St Paul’s and Broughton on the way. They lost in the final to a very strong and fast Saint Helen’s Park who boasted a couple of skilful rep players. The girls were rewarded for their efforts with runners up medals. 

The tournament was a great opportunity for the students to be involved in a local community event along with nearly 250 other young soccer enthusiasts. It was a beautiful spring day for soccer and they loved the fast paced nature of the games. Each student is to be congratulated on their fabulous effort, and the way their respectful behaviour and sporting spirit reflected so positively on the community of Macarthur Anglican School. 

Camden Tigers Soccer Club is to be congratulated on hosting and organising such a successful event. Sincere thanks goes to our wonderful parent body and super coach, Mr John Kemp, who supported our students throughout the day! 

Peter Groves and Andrew Wood

Junior Chess at Macarthur

On the last day of Winter Term, Macarthur hosted its first Junior Interschool Chess Tournament. We played against teams from The Oaks Public School in a transformed, tournament friendly, School Rehearsal Hall. The students played five, 25 minute games. Four teams played in the Junior division and four teams played in the Senior division. Macarthur’s B team won the Senior division and Macarthur’s D team was placed second in the Junior division. Congratulations to our players. It was a very pleasing result.

Thank you to the Reverend Paul Davey who organised the chess draw and adjudicated the games on the day. The students all agreed it was a great way to end the term before holiday break. We’re now looking forward to our next competition in November where our more experienced teams will play in a one day tournament with teams from all over the Macarthur Region.

Mrs Hey - Chess Co-ordinator


From the Head of Middle School

Welcome back to students in the Middle School where students are adjusting to new timetables, teachers and for some classes.  In Years 5 and 6 it is a time to reflect and finish the year well as they re-evaluate the goals they have set for the year and work to attain them, reflecting on things they have done well and things that could have been improved.  Students in Year 5 are preparing to set an excellent example to the younger students, academically, socially and spiritually as they are soon to enter Year 6.  It is also a time for Year 6 students to evaluate and work on their progress as they use this term to prepare effectively for their transition to secondary schooling. 

For students in Year 7, 8 and 9, a new academic year presents its self with the opportunity to set new goals and further develop study habits and routines to achieve their best as they begin their new academic year.  I wish the new Year 10 Students all the best as they begin the next stage of their journey in the Senior School.  A Cruise to celebrate this move will occur on Thursday 5 November.  

The Spring Term promises to be busy and rewarding with the IPSSO Summer Sport Finals for Year 5 and 6  to be conducted in addition to the Strings and Band Evening on Monday 9 November which will showcase the benefits of the music practice that students have undertaken all year.

The Excursions for Year 5 and 6 are on 23 and 24 November. Notes will be sent home soon.

Year 6 students are also looking forward to celebrating their traditional bush dance at the end of the term on Thursday 3 December. 

Communication Reminder

A reminder that communication to teachers is most effective through the Diary.  I would encourage parents to continue to check the diary each week and when things are occurring at home please write a note in the diary. 

Neil Davies

Year 5 Science Excursion

On the last day of winter term, Year 5 travelled to Wollongong Science Centre. They were able to consolidate their understanding of the Solar System, Light & Micro-organisms at the shows in the Planetarium and Science Theatre.

The students were then able to explore the 120 exhibitions on the hands-on floors. This was probably the highlight for most of the students as they were able to follow their own natural curiosity and engage with highly interactive activities.

Mrs Tuft and Mr Wood



Fred Hollows Humanity Award

We aim to recognise students who show:

Humanity – The quality of what it means to be human, to be kind.

Care – To be concerned for and look out for someone other than yourself.

Compassion – To be conscious of and respond to the needs and concerns of another person.

Community service – To engage in an activity solely for the benefit of the community


In July 2014, Emily Groves (Year 6) swam 80 laps in a one hour period at the local indoor pool and raised $1,425 for World Vision. She was able to provide clean drinking water access to an entire community. In September this year Emily increased her challenge to 100 laps in an hour, raising over $1,500 for children in poor communities who have no access to clean drinking water. Emily has a deep desire to see that all children, no matter their place of birth, have access to clean water.

From the Head of Senior School

The beginning of Spring Term marks a number of exciting changes and events for students in the Senior School.  For Macarthur students moving from one year to he next brings with it both a fresh start and an increase in responsibilities and expectations.  It also brings with it many new and exciting opportunities.  For Year 10 this includes the wearing of a new uniform and the commencement of formal external assessment - The Record of School Achievement (RoSA).  I have highlighted below some of the events happening for each year group below.

Year 12 - 2015

Year 12 - 2015 have now completed the first week of their HSC and are looking forward to their final two formal events at the school.  The Graduation Dinner on the 13 November and Speech Night on 8 December.  I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the many students who have already been accepted into the University of Wollongong through their Early Admission Program.

Year 12 - 2015

Our new Year 12’s are busily working through what their Yearly Examination results mean for them and are seeking advice as to their patterns of study in the HSC year.  Many students are taking up the challenge of extension subjects and I wish them all the best for their studies.  This term fifty-two of our new Year 12 students will be participating in the Macarthur Ball on the 23 November and I am sure that this will be a wonderful event for these students. 

Year 11

For Year 11 this term marks the beginning of their Preliminary HSC courses and with it a range of opportunities including:

UWS Open Day – 28 October

Connect at Kiah Ridge - 29 October

Skills for Life and the HSC (Resume/Study Skills Day) – 9 November

First Aid Course – 12/13 November

Sydney and NSW University Visit - 25 November

Year 10

For Year 10 the new academic year marks with it the beginning of the RoSA and students are encouraged to try their best in all aspects of the courses as they work towards achieving this credential.  An information session regarding the RoSA will be held in the new year.  The big event for Year 10 is the Cruise to be held on 5 November.

Senior School at Macarthur

To stay up-to-date with courses and happenings in the Senior School may I remind parents and students to keep tabs on our Senior School Facebook page.  The purpose of this page is to keep our students up-to-date with what is happening in the Senior School as well as with information regarding careers and tertiary institutions.

Scott Bedingfield

The RoSA - Literacy and Numeracy Tests

The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) has developed optional Literacy and Numeracy tests for students who intend to leave school before the HSC. The tests have been designed to provide these students with reports detailing their level of skill in literacy and numeracy.

Discussions with employer groups reveal that the ability to provide tangible evidence of these skills is highly regarded when they are making a decision to employ.

The tests focus on the literacy and numeracy skills required by school-leavers for employment and further education and consist of a range of short-answer questions that relate to aspects of everyday life such as reading a recipe, preparing a quote and providing directions to a location.

They are prepared and marked by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES). Students will sit for the tests online and under supervision at school.

Test results will be made available shortly after the tests conclude. Interim Literacy and Numeracy test reports can be downloaded via the BOSTES portal Students Online for presentation at job interviews or to add to a résumé. BOSTES will issue all participants with formal Literacy and Numeracy Test Reports when they leave school.

If you have a son or daughter who is thinking about leaving school before the HSC, I ask that you raise with them the option to take these tests as the experience will be of particular benefit for future employment or further education.

An example of these test reports can be found on the BOSTES website:  

It is important that students notify Mr Bedingfield if they intend to leave school before the completion of the HSC so that they can be enrolled to take the tests.

The RoSA - Literacy and Numeracy Tests
The Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES) has developed optional Literacy and Numeracy tests for students who intend to leave school before the HSC. The tests have been designed to provide these students with reports detailing their level of skill in literacy and numeracy.

Discussions with employer groups reveal that the ability to provide tangible evidence of these skills is highly regarded when they are making a decision to employ.

The tests focus on the literacy and numeracy skills required by school-leavers for employment and further education and consist of a range of short-answer questions that relate to aspects of everyday life such as reading a recipe, preparing a quote and providing directions to a location.

They are prepared and marked by the Board of Studies, Teaching and Educational Standards NSW (BOSTES). Students will sit for the tests online and under supervision at school.

Test results will be made available shortly after the tests conclude. Interim Literacy and Numeracy test reports can be downloaded via the BOSTES portal Students Online for presentation at job interviews or to add to a résumé. BOSTES will issue all participants with formal Literacy and Numeracy Test Reports when they leave school.

If you have a son or daughter who is thinking about leaving school before the HSC, I ask that you raise with them the option to take these tests as the experience will be of particular benefit for future employment or further education.

An example of these test reports can be found on the BOSTES website:
Indonesian Study Tour

There is an Indonesian saying “tak kenal maka tak sayang” that loosely translates as “you need to know someone to love them”.  Certainly, in the case of the seventeen students and four staff who spent twelve days in Indonesia in the September holidays they have returned with a much greater understanding and appreciation of the amazingly diverse country of Indonesia.

We began our Tour in the bustling megacity of Jakarta, where the focus of our stay was a visit to MTsN3 school.  Highlights of the visit included the opportunity to get to know the students and chat with them, as well as an inter-school basketball challenge (with both schools winning a match in the series).  After two incredibly busy days, the perfect way to wind down was to relax at Waterbom Park, and some of the water entries off the slides were unforgettably spectacular!

By contrast, the second leg of our tour in Yogyakarta was a relaxed and cultural experience.  We visited ancient Buddhist and Hindu temples, built in the 8th century, rode jeeps in a village destroyed by the eruption of Mount Merapi in 2010 and enjoyed a relaxing becak (trishaw) ride down the main street of Yogyakarta.  The students loved the simplicity of village life, as we engaged in a range of activities from learning to cook delicious, traditional snacks, riding bikes around the village in the cool of the afternoon to learning to play traditional musical instruments from children in the village.  The final evening of the trip was spent in the beautifully lit up town square, playing traditional games.  Some students tested their “driving” skills on neon-lit, pedal powered cars – parents beware in the years ahead!  It was a colourful and fun way to say goodbye to Indonesia

The teachers were all very impressed with our students’ willingness to use Indonesian in their daily interactions.  Whether they were bargaining up a storm, chatting to locals or interacting with our guides, the students’ enthusiasm and language skill was greatly appreciated by all who met them. We hope that the trip will have sparked a passion for you to continue your language studies and learn even more about our linguistically, ethnically and culturally diverse neighbour in the years ahead.

Joanne Fenton - Faculty Head of Foreign Languages



Champ Camp

Year 12 study camp in the first week of the holidays was highly productive for the students who attended. Most of Year 12 took the opportunity and were rewarded with 34 hours of intensive study, input by teachers of almost every subject, getting questions answered and work marked on the spot. Despite the freezing weather there was also time for recreation between study periods, and a cruise on the Nepean River on the Wednesday night to break the week.

All students were impressed with the comfortable accommodation and excellent food at Katoomba Convention Centre (the chef is a pastry cook, so there was home made bread, cream buns, strudel and other treats, as well as good meals with loads of vegetables and salads).

Every student benefited from the study regime, and many would have continued the pattern into the following weeks before the HSC.

Very few schools provide this facility for their students where teachers voluntarily give up part of their holidays for the benefit of Year 12s. It is one of the key features of Macarthur.

Year 12 2016 should already be planning to go to Champ Camp; the dates are September 26 to September 30 2016.

Pat Low



All My Own Work

The Board of Studies requires all Year 10 (now Year 11) students to satisfactorily complete the HSC: All My Own Work programme as a condition of entry to Year 11 and as a preliminary to the HSC.  The programme raises awareness of plagiarism and copyright issues and encourages students to be law-abiding and ethical in their research practices and in production of pieces of work.  This is particularly important as they begin major works for the HSC and prepare for tertiary study at University and other institutions, where plagiarism is also not tolerated.

After an initial introductory session for the whole cohort, students will undertake small group sessions under Mrs Low’s supervision to familiarise themselves with the material.  The course modules have been downloaded into Moodle and students should spend time between sessions reading and familiarising themselves with the content and practising the online questions.  At Macarthur we have created our own test, which students will complete under Mrs Low’s supervision when they feel they are ready.  The pass mark is 80%.  Students who fail to reach 80% will be required to do the test again at a time arranged with Mrs Low.  All students are expected to have completed the course by Friday 13 November.

The modules and the PowerPoint presentations given by Mrs Gould-Drakeley and Mrs Low in the introductory session are accessible on the Moodle site on the school intranet. 

Parents are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the requirements and content of All My Own Work and to encourage students to use resources ethically. Questions may be directed to Mrs Low at school.

Leadership Camp
On the 6 October 2015, twenty members of Year 12 ventured to Port Hacking to Youth Work’s beautiful campsite, Chaldercot, to embark on an adventure full of laughter, learning and leadership.  Over the course of four days, the 2016 student leadership team grew closer together through an array of physical and theoretical activities that involved strategic thinking and teamwork.  Through the many challenges that were faced, we managed to collectively work together in order to achieve a common goal.  Through participating in these group challenges, our knowledge of teamwork was significantly strengthened as we learnt the value communication in achieving success.  In addition, these activities further allowed the team to uncover the skills and attributes of an effective leader and how to achieve our goals for the school throughout 2016.  Through the guidance of Mr Hordern and Mrs Wong, amongst many other alternating members of staff, the team were able to brainstorm many creative ideas and strategies used to implement them to improve school life at Macarthur.  Overall, Leadership Camp allowed the team to learn many skills, values and attributes of effective leadership, further enabling us to develop and enact these qualities as Prefects in 2016.


State and Australian Interschools Snowsport Report


Prior to the State Championships in 2015 eight students were invited to attend a training weekend at Mt Hotham.  The conditions at Mt Hotham were excellent with all lifts operating.  Thank you to Mrs Virginia Kubik for providing the accommodation and a number of passes to enable this weekend to occur.  There is no doubt that our students improved in their riding ability.


Students this year at the State Championships were treated to some fantastic conditions with light snow and sunshine.  This year the Championships were held from Wednesday 26 to Sunday 30 August 2015 at Perisher.  Macarthur was once again well represented with eight students across three disciplines.  We had students compete in Snowboard Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross and Ski Giant Slalom. 

Students must be invited to participate in this tournament through competing at the Regional competition in the July School Holidays.  The top five teams and up to the top ten individuals are invited through as long as they achieve a competitive time.

Congratulations to all our State Competitors:

Joel Sawyer (Year 12), Jhett Kellner (Year 12), Addison Kubik (Year 11), Taylor Drayton (Year 9), Callum Masjuk (Year 9), Leon Vogeler-Schmid (Year 9), Joshua Hand (Year 8) and Sascha Masjuk (Year 4).

The following results were exceptional and these students were invited through to the Australian Interschools tournament.  To participate in this event you need to be in the top six teams or be one of the top 10 individuals in the State. 

Sascha Masjuk – 3rd in Division 5 Snowboard Cross and 5th in Division 5 Snowboard Giant Slalom.

Callum Masjuk – 4th in Division 2 Snowboard Cross

Division 1 Boys Ski Team – Joel Sawyer, Jhett Kellner, Addison Kubik and Taylor Drayton (competing up for the boys team) – 6th in Skier Giant Slalom

Special thanks to Mr Mark Byers (father of Montana, Year 12 2014), for his support on snow and with the tunning of equipment.  Thanks also to Mrs Sue Bartlett for her support off snow.


Seven Macarthur students this year participated in these Championships.  On Monday 24 August they participated in some intense training at Perisher Trails and used the skills taught to the best of their ability in superb snow conditions the following day.  This is only the second time that Macarthur students have participated in these championships and the students did themselves proud completing the required 2.2km Freestyle Event and the 3.6km Relay.  Congratulations to the following students: Lincoln Bartlett (Year 9) Taylor Drayton (Year 9), Jack Franklin (Year 9), Jessica Hall (Year 9), Jessee Sales-Hobart (Year 9) and Joshua Drayton (Year 7).  Particularly, congratulations to our Division 2 girls that finished 8th in their event only just missing out of selection for the Australian Championships.

The Cross Country Tournament combined with the State Competition gives Macarthur a ranking in the State for Snowsports.  This year we finished 13th in the State in the boys and 26th in the State as in the girls.  Considering the high quality competition this is an outstanding result.


The Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships were held at Mt Buller from Wednesday 9 to Sunday 13 September 2015. 

Snow conditions this year at the National competition were fantastic and all our students participated to the best of their ability and we are very proud of their efforts.  I would particularly like to thank Mr Keith Drayton, Mr Rick Masjuk and Mrs Michelle Masjuk for their support throughout the competition.


Callum Masjuk - finished 7th in Snowboard Cross

Sascha Masjuk - finished 15th in Snowboard Giant Slalom and 10th in Snowboard Cross.

 Division 1 Boys Ski Team – Joel Sawyer, Jhett Kelner, Addison Kubik and Taylor Drayton  who competed up a division and in male competition, team finished 12th in Ski Giant Slalom.

Congratulations to all these students and there is no doubt we are looking forward to continued success in 2016.


The dates for the 2016 Macarthur Snowsports programme are as follows:

Macarthur Snowsports Camp – Sunday 3 - Tuesday 5 July 2016 at Thredbo

Regional Interschools – Wednesday 6 - Saturday 9 July 2016 at Thredbo

Scots Race and Redlands Cups – Sunday 10 - Tuesday 12 July 2016 at Perisher and Thredbo 

Cross Country Championships – Sunday 21- Tuesday 23 August 2016 at Perisher Trails

State Interschools (Invitation Only) - Thursday 24 - Sunday 28 August 2016 at Thredbo

Australian Interschools (Invitation Only) – Wednesday 7 – Sunday 11 at Perisher

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Scott Bedingfield - Snowsports Co-ordinator

State Competition




Australian Competition




Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Four students have been recognised for their exceptional dedication in being presented with their Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award by His Excellency General The Honourable David Hurley, Governor of NSW.  This is the culmination of a minimum of around 4 Years commitment in which these students have met the rigorous criteria by which the Award is to be completed.

Matthew Egan (graduating year 2013), Courtney Cross (graduating year 2014), Henry Cartwright and Mitchell Robinson (Year 12) enjoyed Afternoon Tea at Government House accompanied by Stuart Hughes and myself.  Our Macarthur students were amongst 101 students throughout NSW who had also qualified to receive their Gold Award.

Interestingly, another recipient was asked to speak on behalf of all awardees and made the comment that he had recently been interned at a major Accounting firm in the city.  After being in the job for some weeks, he asked those who interviewed him for the job, what it was about him that gained him success in employment.  The answer is an encouragement to all Duke of Edinburgh participants…..

“ the defining factor was your Duke of Edinburgh qualification in particularly your community service”.  He went on to say that no other candidate has listed Community Service in their resume and implored all recipients of the Gold Award to continue to develop a role of Community Service despite having complete the Award.

Macarthur has one of the largest lists of current participants for the NSW Duke of Edinburgh Award.  I am very pleased to see that more and more students are achieving the completion of this Award before the end of their Secondary schooling and have no doubt that this will prove to be a valuable qualification for future endeavours.

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