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2 June 2016

Small Canton - Big Impact


Please be my guest. On the 2nd of June, Canton of Zug and EastWest Institute of New York will co-host the inaugural Impact Summit Zug at the Theater Casino in Zug. 

Dr. Matthias Michel, Minister of Canton of Zug, will open the Impact Summit followed by speeches from renowned international thought leaders, impact investment fund managers, social entrepreneurs, independent asset managers, global banks, family offices, NGOs, foundations and technology leaders.

This daylong speakers forum provides you with a diverse range of speeches on investment, entrepreneurial and socio-political topics emphasising social and environmental investment opportunities through applications of financial and entrepreneurial skills and practices. 

Here is an extract of the speakers line-up:
  • Minister of Canton Zug, Dr. Matthias Michel
  • Johann Gevers, Monetas AG
  • Robert Rubinstein, Triple Bottom Line Investing Group
  • Laurent Roux, Gallatin Wealth Management
  • Patrick Elmer, BlueOrchard
  • Yvonne Bakkum, FMO Investment Management B.V.
  • Andreas Dudas, Swiss Impact Enablers
  • Katya Nikitenko, Greenpeace Switzerland
  • Dr. Jan Amrit Poser, J. Safra Sarasin
  • André Delafontaine, Go Beyond & Business School of Lausanne
  • Els Boerhof, Goodwell Investments BV
  • Peter Conlon, Ammando AG
  • Yessin Schiegg, Ethereum Stiftung
  • Michael Borshchevsky, Herald of Europe
  • Dr. Andreas Nilsson, Sonanz GmbH
  • John Savage, Brown University
  • Marco Ricca, Laissez-Faire Institute
  • Stephen Tual, Slock.it
  • Michael Mosimann, Wenger & Vieli AG
  • Paola De Coppi, HSR Hochschule für Technik Rapperswil
  • Dr. Ingeborg Schumacher-Hummel, Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen
  • And more.

The Summit is taking place in Zug at the historic Theater Casino, which is not a casino, but a beacon of culture for the city of Zug, situated alongside the “Seeliken” lido on Lake Zug. This venue is a perfect location to network with an incredibly diverse group of people, interested in learning and exploring the opportunities impact investing and social entrepreneurship provide.

Impacting society through investments and business is gaining tremendous momentum with entrepreneurs and investors. Be our guest at the Impact Summit Zug to see how.

To attend the Summit, just reply to this email or add your name to our SUMMIT GUEST LIST below to receive the full programme. Entry is free for all guests.

Please spread the word around about the Impact Summit Zug to colleagues you believe would like to attend as well. Simply forward their names and email addresses to info@siia.ch and they will receive an invitation. 

We look forward to a lively and dynamic event with you. 

Best regards


Organiser    &    Founding Partner

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