Eric Benét releases ‘The Rhythm,’ a Cuban-influenced song from collaborative album Two Beats, One Soul—executive produced by Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew. 
Los Angeles, CA / New York, NY — Friday, September 15th, 2017 — Next week, we are excited to be releasing one of the most ambitious albums of the year. It’s titled Two Beats, One Soul, and it will arrive in the form of a 13-track album showcasing the fusion of Cuban and American music. The project, executive produced by Ray Chew and Vivian Scott Chew, along with their partners Mark and Kathy Grier, will celebrate and explore the evolution of two cultures focused on Cuba’s impact on worldwide music by recreating traditional Cuban sounds and rhythms in today’s musical landscape. 

This song, “The Rhythm” is a sexy mid-tempo flaunt and features an eloquent vocal performance the legendary Eric Benét. The record itself delivers an adult contemporary foray; while Cuban vibes deepen into your auditory canal allow “The Rhythm” to widen into your soul. 

Two Beats, One Soul is slated to be released Friday, September 22nd at all DSPs worldwide, featuring music from producers Ray ChewLouie Vega, Sergio George, Manolito Simonet, with vocal performances from Jon B, Eric Benét, Shaggy, and more.

Listen to “The Rhythm”:

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