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NUMBER 10, 2015
From the Headmaster

Next week of course sees the end of another Academic Year for Years 7-12.  The Yearly Examinations have now been completed and we enter the final few days of Year 12 in the School.  Today the Houses farewelled Year 12 and on Wednesday it is an opportunity for the School to formally send them ‘Out to Serve’.  

We have a wonderful tradition of planned fun on Year 12 Celebration Day including a delightful breakfast with Year 12 and their parents followed by a Year 12 Farewell Assembly.  Earlier that morning we celebrate with Year 12 in a more informal way and then later in the day they head off for a relaxing BBQ lunch at the beach.  It is always a great way to farewell our senior cohort and thank them for their leadership of the student body.

Please continue to pray for these students as their HSC rapidly approaches.  In the first week of the School holidays we run ‘Champ Camp’ for Year 12, which is a study camp in the Blue Mountains.  It is another amazing way that the staff of the School show their commitment to our HSC Cohort.  I know the students will gain much from it. 

I may not get another chance to wish you all a happy holiday.  I pray that it will be a wonderful time to spend together as a family.  Students currently in Year 7 to 11 return after a three week break to a new Academic Year with new timetables, classes, teachers and Diary.  Students in Kindergarten to Year 6 return after a two week break to continue their work.  As I say, I hope that the rest during the holiday period will be relaxing and refreshing for you all.  God Bless.

Dr David Nockles

From the Deputy Headmaster

Check the Account

My mum and dad gave up on technology around the time the VCR was invented.  Their home has no Internet connection and no Foxtel.  A DVD player sits as an ornamental piece in their TV cabinet.  I had some premonition of my parent’s technophobia.  Mum could never quite master the browning dial of our old Sunbeam toaster.  One morning when I was about 8 years old, the toaster produced its final burnt offering.  Mum yanked it out of the wall socket with all her might, ran to the verandah and hurled it with all the frustration she could muster onto our back lawn.  I was quite pleased.  No toaster meant Coco Pops!

I am not so happy now with my parent’s aversion to technology.  I can’t SMS or email them a quick message.  I am forever fixing the electronics they do have.  And I am sad for them. They are missing out on a lot of things that I believe could bring a richness and joy to their lives….not to mention convenience.  My parents still search out a motor registry or insurance office to pay their bills.  Further, they are getting more and more locked out of the culture.

I wonder if you are as removed from your child’s technological world as my parents are from mine?  The occasional glimpses I get of student’s Instagram and Facebook accounts would suggest that many of you are.  I know many of you would be concerned, if not occasionally alarmed, at what your children choose to post, like or follow, who they have conversations with and what some of their friends write to them online.  It’s not that your children are bad kids…they’re not.  It’s just that they’re…well….kids.  Our children and teenagers, good as they may be, are not perfect and nor do they control everything they end up seeing on social media and the Internet.

I don’t want to sound pious as a parent.  Like most of us I have faltered in my vigilance…and sadly I wish I could say it was only once.  But it wasn’t.  I used to beat myself up about this until another parent said to me, ‘We parents are pioneers in this digital age. We are going to make mistakes.’  How right this parent was.

However, just because we can’t be perfect parents doesn’t mean we abrogate our responsibility to do the best we can.  Our first duty as parents is to keep our children safe; physically, emotionally and spiritually safe.  In this world we cannot do that sufficiently without some knowledge and familiarity with the virtual world of our children.

No matter how good or trustworthy you believe your child to be, responsible parenting means an occasional audit of their virtual world.  Your child’s safety is more critical than their privacy.  I am sure you don’t give your children complete freedom and privacy in the real world.  The virtual world is no different.  It needs adult oversight.  Check the account. The benefit will be two-fold.  You will help keep your children safe and you probably won’t let yourself get to the point of throwing out a perfectly good toaster.

Andrew Kokic

From the Dean of Students

With Year 12 completing their formal lessons next Tuesday, the traditional celebrations of this milestone will be clearly evident to all students and parents who enter the School on Wednesday morning.  For many schools, what is commonly called a ‘Muck-up’ day has become an out of control event complete with graffiti, vandalism and intimidation of both staff and students.  To this end, many schools have cancelled this day in order to eliminate the risk of the unknown and maintain some level of control.

For many years now, the celebrations of this day at Macarthur have proven to be a wonderful morning involving parents and grandparents, staff and students.  It is a day where the School joins together to celebrate with Year 12 rather than being on the receiving end of unfettered and targeted animosity.

While the scene of the School may on first appearance seem like chaos, careful planning and the implementation of well thought out ‘spontaneity’ has meant there are no surprises on the day and that every aspect of the morning has been given approval.  While toilet paper in a tree or the wrapping of poles leading into the School with ‘Gladwrap’ may be temporarily inconvenient, these are easily removed after the morning celebrations and really a harmless prank in a controlled environment.

Along with this, many of the classrooms of Year 12 teachers are redecorated often with memorabilia from the year of teaching and are usually well received by staff who are left with fond memories of the class they have taught in preparation for the HSC.

Parents and students join together for breakfast before attending a formal assembly where all Year 12 students process before the remainder of the School and parents as the Graduating Year of 2015.  This is a wonderful assembly and is built on the culture of mutual respect and thankfulness for staff and parents.

I am very proud to be part of a school where this celebration can continue in a way that honours the Year 12 graduates and leaves staff and students confident of the processes in preparation of this day.  The efforts of teachers and their willingness to be part of the fun are a wonderful testimony of the genuine love for the students and their well-being.  While this model of celebration remains, this memorable day will continue to be a highlight for the students and a lesson in itself that fun can be had without the unfortunate behaviour experienced by many schools at this time of year.

Tim Cartwright


Thank you and well done School Community!!

The 2015 Annual Fundraising Dinner was held Saturday August 15 at the Camden Civic Centre.

It was so encouraging to see record numbers in attendance. 220 people attended with a mix from various areas of our school community.  Parents and friends, Macarthur staff along with members from our Alumni community and wider Macarthur community.  Thank you also to our Community Partners who are always willing to support.

The evening would not have been possible if it were not for the generous support from our sponsors.

On the schools behalf and from me personally, I would like to thank all sponsors!

Gold Sponsor 

Integrity New Homes

Silver Sponsors  

Maneto Architectural Joinery

Schwarz Family Practice

Oran Park Podium

Hills Commercial Cleaning

WARDS Accounting

Absolutely Fabulous Events Decorating

Bronze Sponsors 

Grimes Finance and Mortgages

Runnymede Technologies

Select Wholesale Meats

Fowlers Carpets and Blinds

Lil Treasures

Capital Finance

CCU Auto Trim

Narellan Motor Inn

Thank you also Oran Park Dental for your generous support.

Thank you to Cinematographer Tom Roberts for partnering with Fowlers Carpets and Blinds in producing an amazing short video clip showcasing our School.  This was used to open the night.  A wonderful piece of film work, thanks Tom.

Phillipa Roger and the team from the Civic Centre once again excelled themselves in care and service! 

MC Justine Diana did a superb job entertaining guests and also managed to keep the night flowing smoothly.  Auctioneer, David Harvey did a brilliant job raising funds throughout the evening.  The live auction and silent auction proved very entertaining for all.

Gala Bid provided a new platform for our Silent Auction, which proved very successful.  This new technology also allowed those unable to attend to participate in the silent auction.  A big thanks to the team at Gala bid!

Peppermint Jam kept all on the dance floor till late into the night.

Will McCormack and team worked hard throughout the evening enhancing the environment and taking us to Neverland!

Speaking of Neverland, a huge thank you to Natalie Herd and her team of merry workers for the days put into setting the scene for Never land!  We truly did experience a moment in Neverland.

The Annual Fundraising Dinner is not only to raise funds but also to provide opportunity to build our School community, it seems the event was a win on both counts.  The Budgie was definitely the hit for the evening selling at live auction for $800!  Thanks Manny for being a good sport!

Finally, I would like to thank the Accounts Department for all their hard work creating a safe and efficient environment for Gala Bid users!!

I would also like to thank all who donated in some way to the huge success of the evening.

Funds generated raised in excess of $48,500 we almost made my personal target of $50K! Oh well, there is next year I suppose.

These funds have been directed to a Seed Fund Partnership Project in anticipation for the next stage of Capital development.

Thank you thank you thank you!

Funds in support of the Annual Appeal continue to trickle in.  The Appeal has raised also in excess of $40,000. Well done and thank you.

School Calendar advertising opportunities will soon be opening.  Please contact me if this is something that interests you. Please see included flyer outlining opportunities.

Sharon Pascoe-Thomas

Fund Raising and Community Relations Manager

Final Information About Champ Camp

Champ Camp begins on Monday 21 September, and students should be at school by 9,00am.  We will return by approximately 4.00pm on the Friday: students will notify parents on the return trip of the definite time of arrival.  A final letter and list of what to bring was handed out last week.

Students should bring ALL their notes and books in small stackable plastic crates (approximately 50cm long, 40cm wide, 30cm deep or similar).  They should also be sure to bring a raincoat and a torch.  All other information is contained in the initial letter to parents and the final letter to students. All money should have been paid by 28 August.

Any change in medication or diet should be communicated to Mrs Low as soon as possible.

UWS Unisteer Competition 

Macarthur Anglican School had 22 students involved in the programme from all year groups and we were one of 16 schools competing.

On live weight day our steer Ariat was placed fourth in his class and fourth in Best Presented steer.  Jordyn Snape was Champion Junior Parader with Richard Cartwright Reserve Champion Senior Parader.

As a carcass Ariat was placed fifth and fourth for weight gain putting on an average of 1.5kg a day.

Abbey Glover, Merryn Bowman, Mia Mylonas and Emily Nieuwenhuis came third in the Herdsman competition and third in the junior section of judging with the School achieving Reserve Champion School overall.  This is the second year in a row we were placed second.

Congratulations to all team members as you all contribute to the overall success of the team.

David Baker


From the Head of Junior School

UNSW Writing Competition

Congratulations to the following students for their achievements in the UNSW Writing Competition.

Year 3

Paige Prpic - Merit, Andrew Towell - Merit, Jaden Acres - Credit, Luca Bazdaric - Credit, Nellie Jansen - Distinction

Year 4

Dawson Tatarinow- Merit, Claire Cooper - Merit, Isaac Grimes - Merit, Tahlia Grounds -  Merit, Sakura Murakami - Merit, Makyah Darby - Credit, Elliot Herd - Credit, Ryley Paki - Credit, Lilly Siemon - Credit, Alexandra Southern - Credit, Caleb Groves - Credit, Shay Jensen Credit

Kylie Elling

Great Groups in Transition!

In Transition we enjoy our morning group activities.

We explore, problem solve and practise skills for Reading, Writing and Maths.

And we have a lot of fun too.

Parents, grandparents and family friends like to join us for groups and they love to see all the amazing things we can do.

Katharine Morse





Creative Arts in Year 2

After learning the art of French Knitting early this term, Year 2 students can be seen carrying knitting bags with yarn snakes following them wherever they go.  Students have been spotted knitting in the car or on the bus on their way to school and teachers are pestered to make classrooms available before school as well as during recess and lunch.  If you spot a yarn bombed little person smiling from ear to ear and looking very proud, send them to the Year 2 rooms please!

Mrs Stassen & Mr Langley


Fathers Day Breakfast

On Friday 4 of September it was our Father’s Day Breakfast, which saw students in Transition to Year 6 come together with their fathers for a morning to celebrate the important role fathers play in our lives.  We enjoyed a delicious breakfast barbecue, while getting competitive with a range of blokey activities.  The gumboot throw, Dad’s beanbag throw, toilet seat and nerf target shooting were a hit. The mini golf course was also a popular challenge.  The fashion choices in the photo booth were questionable?  In the gumboot throw competition congratulations to Isaac Grimes, Josiah Beggs and Sascha Masjuk who came equal fifth with a throw of 20m.  Mr. Daley came fourth with a throw of 22m, Mr. Sutcliffe third with a throw of 25m and Mr Jansen second with a throw of 27.5m.  In first place and the new Macarthur Gumboot Throw record holder, Mr Grimes with a throw of 30m!  Can it be beaten next year?  We hope all our dads had a tie-riffic Father’s Day.

Mr Langley









Robocup Junior Competition

On Thursday 27 August, a group of Year 5 students participated in the NSW Robocup Junior Competition.  This is a nationwide competition where students design, build and program LEGO EV3 robots to either compete in the Dance, Soccer or Rescue category.  Our students participated in the Dance category as two teams.  In the first team, Rowan Hey and Jarred Ball built and programmed two robots that would move in time to the song - "Eye of the Tiger".  They had practised repeatedly to ensure the robots moved in time to the music.  Their hard work paid off, because the judges made a special comment that they were impressed by their ability to complete a difficult level of programming to achieve that.

In the second team, Leah Macklinshaw, Shelley Feeney, Bryce Ruttley and Kye Newman designed and programmed three robots to dance in time to the song - "Walk the Dinosaur".  Leah and Shelley had designed and made costumes for the robots to wear so that they looked like dinosaurs.  Bryce and Kye were involved in building the robots and programming them to move in time to the music.  The team displayed good teamwork and as first time competitors, they had put on a performance that showcased problem-solving and creative thinking skills.

Sarah Tor



IPSSO Junior and Senior Boys Football Finals

Both Year 3/4 and Year 5/6 Boys’ football teams qualified for this years IPSSO finals held at Hoxton Park recently.  The Junior boys had an impressive season losing only once and were confident coming into the finals.  They played against a very skilful and determined Georges River Grammar in the semi final.  Despite a spirited effort they were simply outclassed and succumbed to a 4–0 defeat, knocking them out of the finals.  Georges River went on to play Thomas Hassall Anglican College in the grand final, but were convincingly beaten 4 -1.

The Senior boys were similarly inspired by their season’s performance and also met Georges River senior team in their semi final.  Both teams tussled throughout a scoreless match with Macarthur finally qualifying for the final after extra time on the minor premier rule.  Macarthur was up against the might of Thomas Hassall Anglican College in the grand final.  The Macarthur defence was valiant as they were peppered with attempts on goal throughout the game.  They survived to be 2–0 close to the end of time, but managed to pull one back in the dying minutes, which roused the possibility of a draw and perhaps sharing the title.  However, it wasn’t to be and Macarthur had to be content with being courageous 2015 runners up.

The boys of both teams and coaches were very grateful for and inspired by the support of parents on finals day.

Mr Groves, Mr Wood and Mr Kemp



NASSA Junior Athletics

The Macarthur Athletics Junior Representative Team put in a very competitive performance at the recent NASSA Junior Athletics carnival.  All 55 athletes ran, jumped and threw to the best of their ability with many attaining a top three placing and achieving personal bests in multiple events.  The team managed to come fifth overall, but more importantly, 16 students qualified for CIS, which is the qualifying carnival for the state ‘All Schools’ championships.  This is an outstanding achievement personally and for the School.

They were:-

Aaron Green, Caroline Psarris, Eden Kautz, Emily Groves, Grace Tyson, Isaac Grimes, Joel Offord, Katelyn Scorgie, Lachlan Neumann, Laura Whitelaw, Makenzie Kautz, Samuel Barrie, Tahlia Grounds, Thomas Noakes, Sophie Patterson, Lauren Ward

There was magnificent support from parents and grandparents on the day, who were significant source of inspiration for all our athletes.

Mr Wood, Mr Groves and Mr Hordern