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Flower Trials

Plantbutler is excited to invite you to come and find us at the Flower Trials from 14th – 17th of June. During the Flower Trials you can find a huge variety of products and services from pot and bedding plant breeders. As Plantbutler, we will show our latest products and innovations, which will help you green your house both easy and stylish!

WaterWick inside can be found in many Plantbutler products and guarantees easy watering. Plantbutler is your personal butler and keeps your plants served at all times, making green easy.

Please contact our sales team for a meeting at one of our locations during the Flower Trials.

The Gardians

‘The Gardians’ is a revolutionary concept we are introducing at the Flower Trials. You can add ‘The Gardians’ to every Plantbutler product. The Gardians are mini-plants packed in an envelope sized little box, which can be shipped by mail. With this concept we can literally spread the green over the entire world!

You can find our Gardians at the Hishtil booth at the FlowerTrials location: Moerheim New Plant.

Royal Garden

Grow Your Own is trending and the Royal Garden is a great solution to help everybody be successful! Fill the garden with herbs, lettuce or bedding plants and refill the watering reservoir every now and then. The plants thrive in the constant moist surroundings and look great in the wooden crate. Use the Royal Garden either inside your house, in your garden or on your balcony and patio. Make it a little greener!

The Royal Garden comes with a watering reservoir, an insert with a cocopeat tablet and 2 clicksticks & WaterWicks.

Royal Mini Garden (GYO kit)

The Royal Mini Garden is a Grow Your Own product. Grow your own seeds or Gardians in this small pot-sized garden. The Mini Garden looks great and is provided in 4 different designs which makes your small garden stand out anywhere! Both fun & beautiful!

The Royal Mini Garden comes with a cocopeat tablet, a clickstick & WaterWick and a transparent cover for better germination.

Building Brix

The Brix are Lego blocks that can be filled with plants on all sides. The brix are provided with a watering reservoir so plants with WaterWicks can take care of themselves. Mix and Match your own mini plants and build your own green hub! Plantbutler has two versions of Brix: the small Brix Tower and the bigger Brix Castle. Both versions are available in the colors grey, dark blue, lime green and magenta. Build your own green wall!

Other exhibitions & Global partnerships

Can’t get enough of Plantbutler or won’t you be able to come to the Flower Trials?

Plantbutler will also be present at the Ball Colegrave 2016 summer showcase (11-29 July).
Plantbutler is currently establishing several global partnerships. Look out for our next newsletter for more info. Looking forward talking to you again!