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NUMBER 13, 2016
From the Headmaster

For students in Years 7-12 the Academic Year is rapidly drawing to a close.  The Annual Examinations are over and in many regards the focus is already switching to the new Academic Year which starts next term.  New Diaries, new timetables, often new teachers and even subjects. It is an exciting time and something that is uniquely Macarthur.  As the ‘last’ term of the year approaches, new beginnings arise.  I pray that each of the students rolling over into a new year group for the 2016/17 Academic Year grasps the opportunity that a new beginning offers. 

For our Year 12 cohort the end of schooling is nigh. The last lesson for Year 12 will be on Tuesday next week with the annual Celebration Day being held the day after.  On this day I always look forward to the BBQ Breakfast with the Year 12 parents and then the Celebration Assembly that follows. I would like to wish the Year 12 cohort all the very best as they enjoy their last few days at the School.  Our prayers and blessings go with you as you embark on a new phase in your life.

Of course the HSC Examinations continue to be a focus with Champ Camp being held in the first week of the Holidays.  This week away studying, along with Seminar week, have proven over the years to be a very solid base on which to approach the HSC Examinations.  I am always impressed with the number of staff who willingly give of their vacation time to be in at School or attend Champ Camp for the benefit of the students.  It is one of the most clear demonstration of our staff’s commitment to the success of the students.

While the new Year 8 to Year 12 students have a three week holiday in order to accommodate the Seminar Week, Transition to Year 6 students have a two week break. As this is the last Bulletin before the holidays, let me wish you all a very restful and enjoyable break.  I do hope that the holidays provide wonderful opportunities for enhanced family time.

David Nockles
From the Dean of Studies

Developing students' critical and creative thinking is one of Macarthur's academic goals. Teaching staff have been spending time learning and thinking about routines they can use in the classroom, honing their skills and sharing successes. In this ever-changing world, encouraging students to think for themselves at a deep level is a critical pre-requisite for their future.

 Over the past few weeks I have been delighted to see so many of our students extending themselves to think deeply. The recent Year 12 CREATE Drama performances and Visual Arts and Design & Technology exhibitions epitomised creative thinking in action. Our students are so talented and it was evident that students had used a myriad of thinking skills to enable them to produce innovative and high quality work - ranging from the exquisite design of a dress imploring us to consider the effects of pollution, global warming and coral bleaching, to the heartfelt strings of pearl buttons beautifully woven together to represent images of grandmothers who has passed on pearls of wisdom. The Drama performances were also captivating. The students didn't simply entertain us but forced us to confront issues and reflect on our world views and actions.

 The English Extension 2 showcase "Ligature" revealed further evidence of deep thinking in action.  Students articulately shared both their creative writing process as well as excerpts of their final work. This showed their capacity to synthesise, create, evaluate, reflect and importantly connect to others. It was so inspiring and energising to see the love of learning these students have.

 However, it is not only our older students who can think deeply. I have been privileged to view over 150 work samples from students in Kindergarten to Year 6 and have been amazed at the incredible creativity shown at so many levels. From videos produced by budding documentary directors in Year 3 to newspapers produced by budding journalists in Years 5 and 6. Often we mistakenly think that higher order skills can only be accessed by higher level students. This cannot be further from the truth. Students at these younger levels are less inhibited than their older peers and so willing to take more academic risks to experiment as they learn. Importantly they are being taught to ask questions, justify their answers and be willing to see things from other perspectives. It is no longer an environment of praise and perfection. It is a culture of thinking.

 It is certainly an exciting time in education at the moment!

Melissa Gould-Drakeley
Pearls of Wisdom - Estelle Pediotis
Coral Bleaching Awareness Campaign - Serena Harbor


From the Dean of Students

Equestrian Results – Camden Inter-schools

Once again the Camden Inter-Schools Equestrian Competition was well attended by Macarthur students with over twenty-four entries in a variety of events.  The competition held last Saturday is divided into both the Primary and Secondary division with Macarthur achieving second overall in both the Primary and Secondary Large School Category.  This is an extremely high achievement demonstrating the depth of talent through our younger years.

A number of individual results are worthy of mention. These include:

Year 10 Champion – Taylor Drayton

Year 4 Handy Pony – Amelia Bobyreff (Fourth)

Year 5 Handy Pony – Joel Offord (Fifth)

Year 8 Handy Pony – Emily Moore (Third)

Year 10 Handy Pony – Taylor Drayton (Fourth)

Year 11 Handy Pony – Olivia Locke (Fourth)

Showjumping 100cm (Primary and Secondary combined) – Taylor Drayton (Fourth)

Many students were presented ribbons on the day of competition - the names of which have not yet been passed onto the School.  I wish to congratulate these students in events such as ‘Hacking’ where their efforts and skills have been recognised by them receiving their ribbons.

Congratulations to all students who participated in the day and a big thank you to all parents who dedicate themselves to such a big commitment in transport and preparation of horses.



The Swimming Seton 

Recent swimming championships meant that Georgina Seton (Year 9) competed at the NSW State Age Short Course Swimming Championships.  Georgina won two gold medals in the 15 year girls, 100m Breaststroke and the 15 year girls 200 Individual Medley.  She also went on to win a silver medal in the 15 year old girls 200m Breaststroke.  Impressively, she managed to achieve top five finishes in her other events.

These are truly outstanding results and the School looks forward to cheering Georgian on as she represents NSW All Schools at the National All Schools Championships in Darwin on Thursday.  She has qualified to swim in four races - the 50m, 100m and 200m Breaststroke as well as the 4x50 medley relay.  At this level of competition for any student to represent NSW All Schools in more than one event is outstanding let alone four events.  We wish Georgina all the best in the next few days.

Tim Cartwright

Chaplain’s Chat

Year 6 go to Cru ‘Followers in Training’ Day

With great enthusiasm (and quite of lot of noise!) fourteen Year 6 students from the ‘Oasis in the Middle’ group were accompanied by Mrs Tuft and me to a leadership training afternoon run by Crusaders.  These six monthly training afternoons bring students from about six schools together where they enjoy camaraderie as well as learning about a Christ centred program and gaining in confidence as young leaders.

‘Oasis in the Middle’ is a voluntary Christian ‘fellowship’ group for students in Years 5 and 6 every Tuesday lunchtime in Gateway classroom where between twenty and thirty students enjoy it every week.

Rose Jansen wrote the following reflection:

On Friday 2 September fourteen students went to Thomas Hassall Anglican College to participate in the FIT (Followers in Training) training day.  This day was filled with heaps of fun activities and Godly games.  We were taught new ways to share the word of God.  We also learnt ways to put God first; at home, school and in our oasis group.  We look forward to using our new ideas at school.



The Lost was Found! —The Medallion and a Watch

One afternoon I noticed a group of boys staring down into the drain near the Junior School Canteen. They hadn’t lost anything but had noticed that there was a medallion in the sludge at the bottom of the drain… could we get it out?

The drain was deep (about 1.5 m) and the grill fixed and the slots in the grill narrow.  All sorts of sticks were tried… unsuccessfully. 

By now only Nicholas Stewart and I were left and we retreated, defeated, to his mum’s classroom… but we were not deterred… we searched for other implements and found (in the corner of a storeroom) a longer stick, and a hook.  Combining these two and with much jiggling into position we had success!!

Did you lose a hockey medallion on a red ribbon for “North Shore WHA Schoolgirls Div 1B 2013 Runners up” down that drain?  -- the lost is found (and cleaned!) – in my office.

Spurred on by the success we turned our attention the next afternoon to attempt to retrieve Esther Alexander’s watch, dropped in the drain behind the Heads of School offices weeks ago … it was still there!  This time we adapted and invented a new tool - a long stick with a screw at right angles in the end… eventually a successful attempt to hook and lift the watch was made by James Tegel.  Well done Nicholas and James!

Two successful retrievals and two sayings passed on…

“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try, try again”  and  “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”

 (For more ‘lost and found’ stories – read Luke Chapter 15)

The Reverend David Hayman


Community Chat

Each year, the W@M host Project Pink, a social event to raise awareness and funds for Pink Ribbon.  The evening is a lovely time for all mums, grandmothers, aunts and friends of Macarthur Anglican School to get together and support an important cause.

This year we’re also asking you to bring your bras!  Yes, you read that right.  You’re pre-loved bras will be donated to Uplift Project, an organisation that sends bras out to women in disadvantaged communities.

Project Pink, is being held at The Italian Food Project in Camden on Monday 24 October and bookings can be made through

Karyn Ingram

Unisteer Challenge Success

The WSU Uni-steer challenge started in May with a training day for young and inexperienced students to provide them skills in feeding, gentling and taming, leading, junior judging and presenting cattle for competition.  At the completion of the training day we were balloted a steer we called ‘RM'. The team then designed a ration and fed him for approximately 90-100 days.  During the time he was at the farm the team learnt skills in preparation, feeding, grooming and parading him. He was a fantastic steer as he was very calm and placid giving all members of our team confidence in working with cattle.

On competition day RM was placed Second and Third in his steer classes and Junior and Senior Paraders were awarded with Grace Jansen and Codi Gibbeson placed First, Sean McIntosh Second and Jamil Azeem Fifth.

Last Friday the closing ceremony was held with all the results of the competition being announced.  The following were some of the highlights of competitions entered:

Junior Judging – First place -Cody Peck and Tareva–Chine Atkin-Zaldiva

Herdsman Fifth place - Merryn Bowman, Daniel Pearce, Emily Nieuwenhuis, Cyndell White

Best Presented Steer - Second place – Abbie Jenkins

Beef Appraisal - Fourth place – Bayley Gandy, Grace Jansen, Cyndell White, Codi Gibbeson, Sam Buda, Adam Ebeling, Taylor Drayton and Brooke Baker.

Weight Gain - Sixth  place – All team members on the feeding roster

Carcass - Fourth place

Overall Macarthur was placed First and awarded CHAMPION SCHOOL UNI-STEER CHALLENGE 2016.

This is the first time Macarthur has won the competition.

Congratulations to all team members including Mr Gower and Mr McCarthy.

David Baker



Congratulations to William Salzmann (Year 7), on his recent selection in the NSW Cricket Academy for the 2016/17 season.

As an avid sportsman, William’s preferred sport is cricket and his recent selection in the NSW Academy has been the highlight thus far of a growing list of cricket achievements for William.

Having represented the Camden Campbelltown District Cricket Association (CCDCA) since the age of 10, he has had the privilege of being selected as Captain of the under 10’s,11’s and 12’s as well as being a specialist batsman. He has recently gained selection in the Under 13 team also, with the Captaincy yet to be named.

In 2015 he was selected to Captain the Sydney South West PSSA team at the NSW PSSA championships in Barooga, where he was the leading run scorer for his team at the championships and the SSW team was unlucky not to make the semi-finals.

His recent selection in the Academy was the result of an invitation (along with approx. 100) other promising Sydney-based U/13 cricketers to trial over two strenuous evenings at the SCG to gain selection in the 14-each strong Red and Blue NSW Academy squads. These squads train every fortnight at either the SCG or the Blacktown International Sports Stadium in preparation for a NSW Championship to be held in Dubbo during January 2017.

To be prepared for the rigours of the upcoming season, William is also part of the Campbelltown Ghosts High Performance Cricket Academy, which he attends two nights per week all year round.

Well done William and all the best for your upcoming season.

Jarrod Webster (Year 10) recently had a starring role as Troy Bolton in High School Musical Jr with Show Oz Camden which was held at the Camden Civic Centre.


Sakura Murakami  (Year 5) is a talented, hardworking, young aspiring musician who has been working diligently throughout the term practicing and performing in numerous eisteddfods and she has achieved some outstanding results.

Sakura participated in the Goulburn Eisteddfod playing both the piano and the harp and achieved two first places, two very highly commended and two highly commended awards. She also played the same instruments at the Hawkesbury Eisteddfod achieving two first places, two second places and a third.

She also played piano at the Wollongong Eisteddfod and received two highly commended awards.

Her effort and determination to pursue her passion is certainly paying off and it will be exciting to see what happens next for Sakura. 


If you are intending on applying for the Warren Scholarship please remember that you have until Friday 23 September to get your application in.

To apply please go to the following link:

Junior School News

GATEway Students Teaching Others!

Year 5-6 GATEway students took on the challenge of planning and teaching fun and engaging Mathematics lessons to the Year 2 students this week.  The experience was slightly complicated by the adverse weather on Friday but this did not dampen the spirits of the students at all.

The GATEway students had prepared lessons that were hands-on and they led the class in a range of different activities, drawing on the topics that they had been studying throughout the week.  This involved a treasure hunt and a range of different measuring challenges and resulted in some wonderful learning experiences for all students involved.

Mrs Tuft



Year 4 is so much FUN!

Year Four has had a busy and exciting term.  We have thoroughly enjoyed being challenged to make nine paper planes for the Year 4 Aeroplane Championships.  We held a competition with prizes for the plane that stayed in the air the longest, flew the furthest and the plane that could perform tricks.  We had put into practice our skills to measure length, width, perimeter, area, distance and time.  We also had to fold and refold planes to refine our designs.  Who knew Mathematics could be so much fun!

We have also been investigating how objects move or are moved in Science.  It is interesting to observe frictional forces between an object and different surfaces, describe ways of reducing and increasing friction and draw conclusions about the effect of different-sized forces on the movement of objects.

One of the highlights of our term to date has been the Book Week Parade and activities.  Donna Rawlins gave a highly engaging presentation about the process of creating illustrations for books. Who would have thought a single illustration could take over one hundred hours to produce?   We have been inspired to paint the view from our own rooms using techniques explained to us during the presentation.

Mrs Ha and Mrs Abdoo






Middle School News

An Outstanding Result for the Junior HICES Debating Team

The Junior (Year 5 and 6) Debating Team (consisting of: Isaiah Gray, Luke Stewart, Joshua Ferguson, Sylvia Rickman, Hannah Davey, Sarah Peck and Justine Fouwler) has worked exceptionally hard this year, meeting weekly and strategising both at school and at home to develop their argumentative and persuasive skills.  Their hard work and determination is commendable and it has certainly paid off.

Winning three of the four debates in the preliminary rounds they were straight through to the quarter finals.  In the finals rounds things were stepped up dramatically as they were debating impromptu and so only had one hour to prepare their speeches.  They won the quarter final and moved to the semi-final and were victorious once again.

On Thursday 8 September they debated in the HICES Grand Final at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney.  The topic for the debate was ‘That it is unnecessary for children to access social media’ and our team debated the negative.  They debated exceptionally well and convinced the adjudicators that they were right and won the title of Junior Champion HICES Debating Team.  Hannah Davey also received the award for Best Debater in the finals rounds and Sarah Peck was awarded Runner-up Best Debater in the preliminary rounds, Runner-up Best Debater in the finals rounds and Best Debater in the Grand Final. 

It has been a privilege to coach them this year and I am so proud of each of the team members for all of their contributions.

Mrs Tuft


Macarthur Students Get Active 2016

Twenty-three Year 5 and 6 students recently took part in the Get Active Macarthur, sponsored by Macarthur Disability Services, held at the Minto Sports Centre.  The event enables students of all abilities to participate in a series of fun sports and activities designed for nearly 1000 able bodied and disabled alike.

Outside, the students enthusiastically participated in cricket, tennis and rugby league skills development activities, laser tag, and the hamster ball.

When they moved in-doors there was gladiator challenges, futsal, and table tennis.  The students loved the belly dancing and Zumba activities.

The culminating activity was wheel chair basketball.  A sport not for the timid and a real hit for Macarthur students.

It was great to see Macarthur students with get involved throughout the day with such energy, yet respectful appreciation of the diverse range of abilities within our community.

Mr Wood



Claire Koski Returns to Macarthur

Year 5 and 6 students were also recently treated to a Q&A session with former Macarthur student and professional cricket player, Claire Koski.  Claire is the prominent wicket keeper with the Sydney Thunder in the Womens Big Bash League and helped the Thunders to win the inaugural event last summer over the Sydney Sixers.  She was also a member of the Australian indoor cricket team that won the Indoor Cricket World Cup in 2014.  

The students were inspired as they heard about the challenges of training five days a week, studying, working and competing at an elite level too.  They were equally impressed to learn that Claire used to Captain the Macarthur boys cricket team, can bowl at 125km/h and her record run rate is 149 not out!

During her visit, Claire presented Megan Baker with her CIS cricket team selection certificate AND a Sydney Thunders team shirt.  We look forward to hearing how Megan and the CIS team perform at the state championships this October.

Mr Wood



Talented Languages Day

Asyik!  Seru!  On Wednesday 31 August the Year 8 students who have chosen Indonesian as a Major next year, and a few other skillful Indonesian students participated in Talented Languages Day at Catherine Field Community Hall.  The students enjoyed the wide variety of activities, including playing games such as pass the parcel, completing a photo scavenger hunt, and creating a short film in Indonesian.  Students voted on the ‘People’s Choice’ film award, selecting Paige Evans, Sally Fouwler and Isabelle Banks as the winners.  Their Cinderella-inspired “dream” film was very creative and demonstrated excellent use of Indonesian.  The runners-up were Casey Ramp, Jayden Taylor and Joshua Drayton who created a very funny story line.  It was a fantastic day and the teachers would like to commend the students on the language skill they showed during the day.

Miss Fenton


Snowsports Results

Hotham Teaming Weekend

Prior to the State Championships in 2016 nine students were invited to attend a training weekend at Mt Hotham. This was a wonderful time of practice and there is no doubt that students improved their riding ability over the weekend. Thank you to Mrs Virginia Kubik for providing the accommodation and a number of passes to enable this weekend to occur.

State Snowsports Championships

Students this year at the State Championships were once again treated to some fantastic conditions with sunshine and some light snow throughout the week.  This year the Championships were held from Wednesday 24 to Sunday 28 August 2016 at Thredbo.  Macarthur was once again extremely well represented with fifteen students across three disciplines. We had students compete in Snowboard Giant Slalom, Snowboard Cross and Ski Giant Slalom.

On top of some amazing results at the Regional Competition Macarthur finished fourth overall amongst Co-educational Schools at the Interschool’s State Championships in 2016.  I would like to acknowledge the efforts of the entire team that made 2016 such a successful campaign.  Congratulation to all our State Competitors: Addision Kubik (Captain) (Year 12), Virginia Glover, Claudia Kennett-Smith, Sheldon Taylor (Year 11), Lincoln Bartlett, Taylor Drayton, Jack Franklin, Samuel Egan, Jessica Hall, Ryan Kennedy, Callum Masjuk, Jessee Sales-Hobart (Y10), Leon Vogeler-Schmid, Joshua Hand (Year 10) and Sascha Masjuk (Year 5).

In order to participate at the State Championships students must be invited through competing at the Regional competition in the July School Holidays.  The top five teams and up to the top ten individuals are invited through as long as they achieve a competitive time or score.

In addition to this, Ski and Snowboard Slopestyle was introduced into the Interschools competition and four of our students (Lincoln Bartlet, Jack Franklin, Jessica Hall and Callum Masjuk) competed in the inaugural year of competition.  

The following results were exceptional and these students were invited through to the Australian Interschools tournament.  To participate in this event you need to be in the top six teams or be one of the top fifteen individuals in the State (ten for Slopestyle). 

Sascha Masjuk – Third in Division 4 Snowboard Cross

Callum Masjuk – Third in Division 2 Snowboard Slopestyle, Eighth in Division 2 Snowboard Cross, Eleventh in Division 2 Snowboard.

Jessica Hall – Third in Ski Slopestyle

Jack Franklin – Ninth in Ski Slopestyle

Special thanks to the many parents who attended this event to support their students and the Macarthur Team.  Your efforts were very much appreciated.





Cross Country Snowsports

Three Macarthur students this year participated in these Championships.  On Monday 22 August they participated in some intense training at Perisher Trails and used the skills taught to the best of their ability the following day.  This is only the third time that Macarthur students have participated in these championships and the students did themselves proud completing the required 2.2km Freestyle Event and the 3.6km Relay.  Congratulations to the following students: Taylor Drayton, Jessica Hall and Jessee Sales-Hobart (Year 10).  The girls finished seventh in their event only just missing out of selection for the Australian Championships.



Australian Snowsports

The Australian Interschools Snowsports Championships were held at Perisher from Wednesday 7 to Sunday 11 September 2016.

Snow conditions this year at the National competition was quite challenging at times and all our students participated to the best of their ability and we are very proud of their efforts.  I would particularly like to thank Mr Campbell Hall, Mr Rick Masjuk and Mrs Michelle Masjuk for their support throughout the competition.


Callum Masjuk - finished second in Snowboard Slopestyle, tenth in Snowboard Giant Slalom and eleventh in Snowboard Cross.

Jessica Hall - finished sixth in Ski Slopestyle.

Jack Franklin - finished eleventh in Snowboard Cross.

Sascha Masjuk - finished eighteenth in Snowboard Cross.

Congratulations to all these students and there is no doubt we are looking forward to continued success in 2017.




2017 Snowsports

The dates for the 2017 Macarthur Snowsports programme will be released shortly. We are looking forward to another wonderful year. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Scott Bedingfield - Snowsports Co-ordinator

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