Christmas books!Christmas readingThis year Joe and I will be giving Eloise and Henry 4 presents each, based on a rather sweet little rhyme we heard.  They’ll be getting ‘something to wear, something to read, something they want and something they need…’  With emphasis on the something to read, naturally!  Henry will be getting a ‘That’s not my snowman’ book and Eloise will get a beautiful hardback version of a classic, possibly The Wind in the Willows.  I’m sure Father Christmas will bring them some other presents too if they’re good!  Which books will you share with your families this Christmas?  Here is a selection of Christmas classics to read around a roaring fire…

Merry Christmas one and all!
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The Christmas Mystery, by Jostein Gaarder 

Fifty years ago a girl disappeared from her home in Norway. She ran after a lamb and found herself travelling right across Europe to Palestine, and back through 2000 years to meet the Holy Family in Bethlehem. There she met angels, shepherds, wise men and other biblical characters who joined her on her pilgrimage; and she heard of many of the things that happened in the world in the last 2000 years. 

In present-day Norway, a boy acquires a strange old Advent calendar. Hidden in each of the windows is a tiny piece of paper. Little by little these pieces unfold the girl's story and as we learn what happened to her, another story is revealed - that of the strange old man who made the calendar.

This is one of my all time favourites!

A Christmas Carol, by Charles DickensEbenezer Scrooge is a miserly old skinflint.  He hates everyone, especially children.  But one Christmas, three ghosts come to visit him and scare him into mending his ways…eventually he learns to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas, with those he loves.

Eloise at Christmastime, by Hilary Knight & Kay Thompson
OK, I’m biased - this little monster is the character we named our daughter after.  She’s hilarious, ridiculous, somewhat terrifyingly precocious and full of love and joy.  If you don’t know the Eloise books, they’re the type of children’s books that adults love too.  Picture heavy and with some amusingly awful rhymes, this is a wonderful, happy book nonetheless that makes me smile every time I see it and our own, somewhat bonkers little Eloise.


And on that note, Merry Christmas from me and from all the Pywells - Joe who is usually upstairs, attempting to put the children to bed while I’m tutoring, Eloise is who is usually upstairs, running riot while I’m tutoring, and Henry who is usually upstairs, trying to escape the stairgate while I’m tutoring.  You get the idea.  Thank you all so much for another term of bringing fun, positivity, new plays, great novels, wonderful poetry, endless cups of tea, dedication and some marvellous progress into our little house.  See you in January!