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FRT - Fondation René Touraine (FRT) organises every year an international top-level scientific meeting on a different skin cell. This year the topic is "Neuro-Immune Communication in the Skin". This Symposium provides an up-to-date interdisciplinary approach with 3 points of view: physiology, physiopathology and pharmacology.  

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The Fondation René Touraine (FRT) is an international non-profit organisation, founded in 1991, with the main goal of supporting therapeutic progress in the field of dermatology at the international level. In order to achieve this goal, the FRT counts with the precious help 
of 104 European and international renown experts in dermatology that work within FRT’s Scientific Committees.

FRT is pursuing its 
efforts to improve healthcare to patients affected by skin diseases, in particular those in developing countries, especially by its involvement in the following main actions
  • developing a collaborative network focusing on patient needs for rare skin diseases gathering some 100 teams across all European countries and coordinating a European Reference Network on rare diseases in dermatology, in partnership with Mediterranean countries (Genodermatoses Network)
  • improving access to quality care for patients suffering from chronic inflammatory skin diseases through the SPIN- Skin Inflammation & Psoriasis International Network, which gathers some 4700 dermatologists and 43 patient associations across 100 countries
  • enhancing continuing medical education in dermatology, by developing and updating the online free reference book Therapeutics in Dermatology, an e-dermatology portal with over 18 000 registered health professionals and open to partnerships with pharmaceutical and cosmetical industries willing to support therapeutic progress in dermatology.

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