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This last year, FRT has contributed to continuing medical education in dermatology by:
  • awarding 3 fellowships to researchers and clinical dermatologists for international exchanges
  • organising its 22nd high-level Scientific Meeting on "T Cells and Skin"
  • organizing 2 prestigious lectures in collaboration with the ESDR and the EADV at their respective annual congresses:
    • ESDR Rene Touraine Lecture was given by Thomas Kupper on "Barrier Tissue-resident T cells: new insights"
    • EADV Rene Touraine Lecture was given by Irene Leigh on "Therapeutic targets and skin cancer"
Also, in 2014, FRT has continued to invest in improving e-health tools in dermatology education by developing and updating its online free reference book Therapeutics in Dermatology.

In parallel, FRT pursued its efforts to developing  collaborative networks focusing on patient needs for rare genetic skin diseases - the Genodermatoses Network and for chronic inflammatory skin diseased - the Psoriasis International Network.

Here below you will find a more detailed overview of FRT main actions.


In 2014, Therapeutics in Dermatology achieved several milestones:
  • 215 chapters have been updated or added and translated into English
  • 60 chapters have tailored information for patients and families
  • 9206 health professionals are registered and use regularly Therapeutics in Dermatology
    • Dermatologists: over 3100
    • GPs: over 3200
    • MDs from other specialties: over 1200
    • Other health professionals: over 1500
  • organisation of a prize draw for new health professionals registering to Therapeutics in Dermatology, where 300 health professionals tried to win free registrations to the 5th Congress of Psoriasis International Network (PSO 2016 in Paris, 7-9 July, 2016). 


During 2014, the Genodermatoses Network pursued its efforts to get together experts and share expertise, to train health care providers and to further develop a European and international network centered on patient needs.

To achieve these goals, the Genodermatoses Network thanks to the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology's support has organised this past year the following major events:


In 2014, the Psoriasis International Network (PIN) continued its collaborations with national and regional medical networks psoriasis and patient organisations, as well as it pursued its efforts to foster the development of specific psoriasis outpatient clinics around the world.

This past year, PIN has produced some major achievements:


In 2015, we hope to count again with you collaboration in order to:
  • pursue our actions for continuing medical education in dermatology (fellowships, scientific meetings and prestige lectures)
  • continue the update of the free online reference book Therapeutics in Dermatology and improve its contents by adding to existing chapters expert comments on therapeutic strategies, symposia webcasts, etc., as well as useful resources for patients and families
  • further contribute, via the Genodermatoses Network and thanks to the EADV support, to the organisation of a European Reference Network for Rare Skin Diseases, to a strenghtened cooperation with Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern countries, as well as to the training of health care providers 
  • improve therapeutic education for psoriasis patients by conducting a comprehensive study on this topic via the Psoriasis International Network.

FRT - Fondation René Touraine is an international non-profit organisation, founded in 1991, with the main goal of supporting therapeutic progress in the field of dermatology at the international level. Its motto is "Together for better skin care"!

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