Los Angeles Unified School District
    August 26, 2014
CCTP Update: New RFP for Future Phases

Dear LAUSD family:

When we first embarked on our Common Core Technology Project we had a vision to have a device in the hands of every LAUSD student to close the Digital Divide. This is still our vision moving forward as all of our students, not some…but all, should have the same access to the learning tools they need to achieve in the 21st century. 

Last night, I advised the L.A. Board of Education of our decision to halt the continuation of our current contract with Apple Inc. and implement a new Request for Proposal (RFP) process to continue our Common Core Technology Project (CCTP) as we move forward into Phase 3 and beyond. With this decision, we are in no way ending our current CCTP phases. Our schools participating in these initial phases will still use their technology to enhance teaching and engage the learners of today. We are simply re-opening our RFP process for our future phases. 

When we started our journey in 2012, we went through our first RFP and selected Apple Inc. to roll-out our first two phases. Let us remember what a remarkable stride this was -- we initiated the largest one-to-one technological roll-out in history. We did that…we were pioneers, as we often are. 

Since then, there has been new information from the California Department of Education regarding assessments and there have been technological advancements in this ever-changing marketplace. All we are doing by re-opening the RFP process is ensuring that we select the best option for our students.  

We will also incorporate lessons learned from the initial roll-out. The whole reason we implemented this project in stages is so we can learn along the way and make informed decisions, which includes the procurement process and how we came to our selection.  We have to remember that this is an extremely large scope of work and it is not only appropriate but responsible for us to reflect and see how we can continue to improve and do things better.

Bottom line: We want to select the best option for our students so we can reach our overarching goal to provide every student and teacher with a learning device.

In today's global economy, our students will not only need the 21st century skills to succeed but also the technological abilities to compete for jobs and higher education.

We want to close the Digital Divide and level the playing field not only with educational access, but technological access. That is what we committed to when we began…and what we continue to strive for as we move forward. 

Thank you for helping us continue to move forward with nothing else than the best for our students. 


 John E. Deasy

Dr. John E. Deasy
Superintendent of Schools