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MARCH 2014 CA Newsletter

The Revolution will be LIVE - NASCC

Witness the greatest that technology has to offer at this year's NASCC show.

Controlled Automation will be displaying the Revolution thermal processing machine at this year’s NASCC presented by the American Institute of Steel Construction.  Come see marking & scribing, cutting, coping, and processing on all sides of material up to 48” inches (1.2m) wide.  We will be displaying new coping features ONLY available from Controlled Automation at this year’s show!  

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marking AND coping all at once

Truely ONE machine that does it all at once faster than any other machine.

The Revolution has earned its name well as the most revolutionary product on the market for structural steel fabricators from speeds faster than any other robotic coper to amazing features beyond any other machine:    

> Process FAST and accurate with non-contact laser measuring 

> Plasma & Oxyfuel torch with an Automatic tool changer for multiple tools 

> Mark & Cut on ALL sides of material all at once without processing twice

> Marking and Cutting on the underside of material like tube and the web of beams

> Up to the largest sections of 1,000lb per foot and 48” (1.2m) wide material

> Engineered, Manufactured, and Supported in the USA

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Convenient Coping

 FF Journal article

See the recent article featuring the Herrick Corporation on how automatic beam coping cut hours of production time down to minutes and reduced their errors with the Revolution thermal processing machine in FF Journal magazine.    

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