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Israel and the Jewish Super Bomb
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  The Enigma Channel & UFOs...
When Astronauts See UFOs...  
The Enigma Channel have spent the last fourteen years interviewing astronauts, cosmonauts and authors about the UFO phenomenon.  Our SECRET SPACE motion picture documentaries have been banned from YouTube - but you can watch them direct from us…  We have movies which are not on NetFlix, Hulu nor iTunes…  We regularly add new 2hour documentary films and movies which cannot be seen anywhere else.

Eye-Witnesses Investigated:  HD Footage of UFOs are often posted on the web - however, soon after the original clip has been put online, a cloned and censored copy replaces it.  Very often, the censored version (sometimes with added animation to make the footage look unreal) is added…  It is this censored version which most members of the public end up viewing…  THE ENIGMA CHANNEL goes to the SOURCE - if you want to see first-hand eye-witness testimonies, then just click here

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  Princess Diana Murder Investigation
  Princess Diana Was Assassinated
Mr Alfayed is the father of the companion of Princess Diana - he has made exceptional progress in forcing the authorities to re-open the investigation into the assassination of the world's most famous woman.  But did you know that on the night of the killing of Diana, many press photographers were arrested and stripped naked?  There was no evidence that any of them had caused the crash…  In Paris and London, several houses were broken into - but it was not common burglars who perpetrated these crimes - it was members of Her Majesty's INTELLIGENCE SERVICES - If you would like to find out what they were searching for, then Just click here 

Demons of the Roman Empire   Masons & Monarchs   FEMEN Naked Protests

New TV Show filmed in the Mediterranean exposing for the FIRST TIME ON CAMERA a collection of altar and grave stones…  These clearly show the faces and bodies of the Demons worshipped by Caesars and Centurions in the Roman Empire.  CHRIS EVERARD explains the astronomical symbolism and the Quilipoth Demons who are the empty 'husks' of spirits…  The Roman Elite worshipped these abominations of Creation - and still do to this day...

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What other TV channel has a series dedicated to experimental films?  Er - NONE!  We are putting into production an amazing TV series which brings the world of SURREALISM to your screens in amazing HD.

We also broadcast biographical documentaries about Salvador Dali and many other artists - including BOSCH...

We analyse the occult  symbolism in many great artists' works...

Stand by to watch the most in-depth footage about SALVADOR DALI  ever broadcast  - click to SUBSCRIBE HERE


Watch more than FIVE HOURS of TV Shows dedicated to the building, alignment and repair of MICRO HELICOPTER DRONES.

We show you the latest technology from HUBSAN, DJI, FAT SHARK and many other Drone Specialist Suppliers…

We also broadcast footage of home-made full-sized helicopters and 90-foot long scale replicas of Concorde with jet engines.

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SECRET SPACE - WHen Astronauts See UFOS   ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES - Exclusive Movies Made for you
Chris Everard's movies about the SECRET SPACE projects have been remastered in full HD.  Chris interviews VALERY UVAROV of the Russian Space Agency and many leading British and American UFO researchers

These films contain literally hundreds of hours of properly analysed UFO footage...

If you want to see CROP CIRCLES being made by UFOs, and also British military helicopters following and tracking UFOs as they fly across Crop Circles, then no other film series has such a comprehensive and staggering range of UFO clips...

Your Subscription means that we can continue serious investigation of the UFO phenomenon.

ENIGMA MOTION PICTURES are producing 6 x 2hour documentary feature films every year - and with your support we can make even more.  One of our new productions reveals that JOHN LENNON employed Psychics & Astrologers and some fans warned him that he would be assassinated.  These warnings were communicated via the Ouija Board…  Our new film is far more in-depth than any film you have ever seen about John Lennon and the Truth Movement; our new film reveals FBI documents and investigates the shootings of BLACK PANTHER members, Malcolm X, Fred Hampton and MARTIN LUTHER KING...


We are developing an HD Video Search Engine, if you have JQuery and developer experience, then we have projects and wages waiting for you.  If you are someone who wants to make TV Shows and Movies - then let's make them together...

Your Subscription means that there is now a major alternative to the Mainstream Media.  Every subscription we receive is ploughed back into making TV Shows and Movies.  We make no profit - and make sure that there is always a fresh and unusual line-up of TV shows and movies for you to watch.


We are hiring GoPro 3D camera owners to film and dispatch great 3D footage to us - we need people who are into Wreck Diving, Sky Diving and people who are launching their cameras into space!  Contact us!

Astrology and the Spirit World   Astronaut sees UFOs - then contacts United Nations   Build your own Space ship
iBOOKS for our Subscribers

We are not just making TV Shows and movies - we are also publishing eBooks and iBooks about the subjects which we investigate and broadcast…

If you subscribe, then get ready to receive free eBooks on subjects which are related to our TV shows and movies.

If you are one of the people who ordered SPIRITWORLD III on DVD, then you shall soon be receiving a free iBook and/or eBook which describes the methods of communication used by magicians in the ancient world - these magicians talked to spiritual entities - and in our new film, you see rituals from the inside of the Magic Circle... 

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New TV Shows investigate the UFO phenomenon.  David Icke, Jaime Maussan, NASA Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell and Russian Space Technologist VALERY UVAROV all speak openly and frankly about UFOs…

CHRIS EVERARD analyses the latest HD UFO footage from Indonesia, New York, Tokyo and London.  

Home camcorders and iPhones are now giving us the best UFO footage we have ever seen.

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You do not need the financial resources of Richard Branson to launch a small vehicle into space.

THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is broadcasting a pioneering series which shows you the real-life Space Pioneers who are using meteorlogical balloons to launch toy robots and remote controlled miniature jet aircraft into space.

Watch some mind-boggling footage filmed from 85,000 feet up…

We have TV shows which describe the exact technology which is used… We also show you how to build MICRO-SATELLITES using iPhones & GoPro cameras!

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  Virtual Cinema:
We have set up a FREEVIEW TRAILER PAGE so you can watch a mind-blowing selection of our trailers…

NEW INVESTIGATIVE DOCUMENTARIES:  Definitely banned from YouTube, we expose the BBC Millionaire children's TV presenters who were part of a high-level Pedo Ring - many members received Knighthoods from Her Majesty…  With your support, this is typical of the kinds of investigative documentary films which we make...

Our Virtual Cinema has movies which are banned and censored from being shown on YouTube.  THE ENIGMA CHANNEL is 100% uncensored. We have earth-shattering new films in production...

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Sex Criminals Knighted by the Queen
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