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Our Spring Miscellany catalogue has just been sent out.  If you would like a copy please contact Oliver or have a look at the digital edition here.

Coming up soon are a Children's and Illustrated catalogue and a Travel Catalogue.  

Our Travel catalogue will feature some of the books that we will be showcasing at the ABA Book Fair which is being held this year between 24th–26th May at Battersea Evolution. See 
We will be at Stand P11 — do come and say hello.

For those interested in American literature we have just assembled a short list of titles. 
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Do let us know if there are any specific authors or titles that you are looking for.

Spring Miscellany catalogue

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Children’s & Illustrated Department Contact Rosie for more details

Pink Fairy Book
Olive Fairy Book (inside)
Olive Fairy Book

They say that “behind every successful man is a woman”; it certainly true in the case of the novelist Andrew Lang. Despite a long career in the literary arts, he is famous for books he didn’t write! Those written by his wife.

Few Victorian collections are as popular as the coloured fairy book series, produced between 1899 and 1910. The Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Pink, Grey, Violet, Crimson, Brown, Orange, Olive, Lilac all appear in gilt-blocked appropriately coloured bindings and represent one of the most comprehensive collection of fairy tales ever published, drawn from all corners of the globe. When in fine condition they are little short of stunning.

We have just bought 6 of these, including beautiful examples of the scarce pink and yellow. Please contact Rosie for details.


Science & Natural History

A Group of Partridge Feathers

BEWICK, Thomas. A Group of Partridge Feathers.

1807. Pen, pencil and watercolour study (9.5 x 7 inches) framed in dark wood.
This delightfully composed study was held in the collection of Sir Geoffrey Keynes who had a large number of Bewick manuscripts. This study is reproduced in Iain Bain’s The Watercolours and Drawings of Thomas Bewick and his Workshop Apprentices (Gordon Fraser 1981).
Sold with a copy of Iain Bain’s book.
… more …

A Brief History of Time 

HAWKING, Stephen. A Brief History of Time. From the Big Bang to Black Holes.

Bantam Books. 1988. 8vo. Original black cloth, in dustwrapper; pp. x + 198, numerous text illustrations by Ron Miller; wrapper slightly dulled, very good.
First UK edition, first issue. Wiith Introduction by Carl Sagan. Professor Hawking demanded the recall of the first US issue of his masterpiece, which was published simultaneously but was riddled with errors, making this the true first edition. It goes without saying that this is one of the great classics of twentieth century science writing and remains the greatest public monument to Hawking’s phenomenal mind. £1500
… more …

Twenty two song sheets.

VOSKOVEC, Jiri, Jan WERICH & Jaroslav JEZEK. Twenty two song sheets.

Prague: R.A. Dvorsky/ Hudebni Matice Umelecke Besedy. 1932-38. 22 song sheets, each 16.5 x 13.5 cm, pp. 4 including decorative front in absurdist/Modernist style, several showing the characters of Voskovec and Werich; very good.
First editions, Text in Czech. This is a fascinating set of artefacts from the Liberated Theatre of Prague, the Dadaist, left-wing theatre that flourished throughout the 1930s until the Nazi annexation of Czechoslovakia forced its closure. 
Voskovec and Werich’s productions and songs were highly successful, being a suitable comic riposte to the political tensions of 1930s Europe, but they also left their creators vulnerable, and they both fled to the USA in 1939 where they both had successful film careers … more …


Prints Department


Print of the month

Title: Ryogoku Bridge.
Description: Original woodblock from the series “Views of Famous Places in Edo,” printed in Japan.
Date: 1861. 
Size: 590 x 420 mm.
Price: £630

See the Hiroshige Exhibition in our gallery until 11th May.


Poster of the month

Artist: ANON.
Title: Fisk-Expo, 10 maj - 26 maj. Ostermans.
Description: Original lithograph with colour, linen backed, as printed by J. Olsens litho Sthlm.
Date: 1947.
Size: 1000 x 695 mm.
Price: £950

Africa Secundum Legitimas

Map of the Month

Artist: HOMANN Heirs.
Title: Africa Secundum Legitimas Projectionis Stereographicae regulas… [Map of Africa].
Description: Original copper engraved map with hand colour, after the drawing by Johann Matthias Haas. This map was produced in Nuremburg for the heirs of Johan Baptist Homann (1664–1724). The Homann Heirs’ company continued to operate until 1824.
With decorative cartouche of a scene at the Cape of Good Hope depicting lions, natives and Europeans interacting. Table Bay Mountain in Cape Town can be seen in the distance.
Date: c.1737.
Size: 530 x 620 mm.
Price: £850


Travel Department Contact Georg for more details

The Travel Department's contribution to the Newsletter for the merry month of May begins with a cartographic curiosity, followed by a fine example of a Great Game book. We then examine the economic prowess of China, province-by-province in 1910, and attempt to conquer Everest in 1933. A fiery-red binding containing a book on the explosive situation in the Caucasus concludes this little selection.

Wellington's Campaigns in India.

[BURTON, Reginal Geoge]. DIVISION OF THE CHIEF OF STAFF INTELLIGENCE BRANCH. Wellington's Campaigns in India.

Calcutta, Superintendent Government Printing, India 1908. 4to. a very good copy of a great rarity.
First edition. This restricted publication analyzes Weliington's career and military movements in India, The purpose of this publication was to inform the Army about tactics, strategies and mistakes of the past
 … more …

 Reference Map shewing Railways, Roads, etc of of South Australia 

FULLER, W. G. Reference Map shewing Railways, Roads, etc of of South Australia. Scale-Graduated to approx 16 Miles between Lines of Reference … The map is not in any way guaranteed.

[Adelaide, Fuller, c. 1923]. Printed surface 93 x 63 cm, wide margins, folding back into the original green printed wrappers (a little spotted); a very good copy of a rare and unusual map.
This map is projected with the largest scale around Adelaide, with diminishing scale applied, the more distant the outback region  … more …

 The Russian Cook Book. 

GAGARINE, Princess Alexandre. The Russian Cook Book.

London, William Heinemann, [1924]. 8vo. Original terracotta cloth, spine lettered in gilt, with the rarely seen dust-wrapper; a very good and clean copy.
Very rare first British edition. 

'The House of Madame Dragomirov, wife of The Governor General of Kiev, was famed for its cuisine. At the request of her friends she compiled a collection of recipes…' (wrapper).

Very good recipes, with the text clearly not edited, as the the lack of articles proves: 'Put fillet on dish … Remove fat from surface of sauce remaining in kettle' (recipe 207). Ukha, borsh, pickles, ragouts, many fresh water fish recipes, shchi, piroshki and many more Russian delicacies … more …

Atlas to Alison's History of Europe

JOHNSTON, Alexander Keith, and Sir Archibald ALISON. Atlas to Alison's History of Europe. Constructed and arranged, under the Directions of Sir Archibald Alison...with a Concise Vocabulary of  Military and Marine Terms.

Edinburgh and London, Blackwood, 1855. Oblong 4to. Contemporary half-calf over marbled boards; pp. 16, lithographic explanation of Military Signs and Illustrations of Modern Fortification  as frontispiece and 108 lithographic battle plans and maps; some wear but remarkably clean and fresh.
One of the best cartographic volumes on the Revolutionary nand Napoleonic wars
… more …

 The Lore of Cathay. 

MARTIN, William Alexander Parsons. The Lore of Cathay.

Edinburgh and London, Oliphant, Anderson & Ferrier, 1901. 8vo.  Sir Hiram S. Maxim's copy with his library stamp and autograph ownership inscription.
First edition, the British isue, using the original US sheets. Martin was an American Presbyterian missionary in China, and a translator of Western texts into Chinese. In this book he describes Chinese intellectual life, discussing Chinese science, alchemy, literature, philosophy, science, law, and foreign politics. Why Maxim owned this book is more than accidental or connected with the uses of his machine gun … more …

 The Merv Oasis 

O'DONOVAN, Edmond. The Merv Oasis. Travels and Adventures East of the Caspian during the Years 1879-80-81 including Five Months' Residence among the Tekkés of Merv.

New York, Putnam, 1882. 8vo. 2 volumes; a very good copy.
First edition, the American issue using the original British sheets and in the more atteractive binding. O'Donovan was a correspondent with the British Daily News. In 1879 he made his way to Turkmenia in expectation of a Russian advance, hoping for a scoop. He arrived in time to witness the complete rout of Mahomadobad and subsequent massacre of the Turkomans and wrote this account while wrongly imprisoned for spying  … more …

The Provinces of China

RIDGE, W. Sheldon. The Provinces of China. A Survey of Their Economic and Commercial Resources. Preface by Colonel C.D.Bruce, Author of "In Footsteps of Marco Polo".

Shanghai [privately printed], 1910. Small 4to. a very good copy of a great rarity.
First edition. Gives a concise and detailed description of the Chinese provinces, with as much statistical material as obtainable, and assesses the infrastructure, economics, industrialization, exports and commercial potential.
more …

 Everest 1933. 

RUTTLEDGE, Hugh. Everest 1933.

London, Hodder & Stoughton Limited, 1934. 8vo. Original cloth gilt, illustrated dust-wrapper;  58 sepia photographic plates, 3 large folding maps; a very good copy.
First edition. The official account of the fourth expedition to Everest. During this expedition they came upon the ice-axe of either Mallory or Irvine, lost nine years before on their fateful climb … more …

 Fire and Sword in the Caucasus. 

VILLARI, Luigi. Fire and Sword in the Caucasus.

London, T. Fisher Unwin, 1906. 8vo., numerous plates after photographs; bookplate inside front cover, spine a little faded, near-fine copy in the superior binding.
First edition, scarce.  Luigi Villari was an Italian historian, traveller and diplomat in various North American cities. His journey into the Caucasus, including the oil fields of Baku, led him into the turmoil of the 1905 revolution, with ethnic cleansing under way and anti-Russian national movements on the march … more …