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This Month : Sharing optimistic views for over 10 years.

Welcome to our February bulletin

Dear Client.

We hope this bulletin will keep you up-to-date with topical financial matters that can directly affect you… and your money!

Trying to plan ahead with confidence

We have been using these monthly newsletters to share our views on political and economic events around the World (and the implications they have on your portfolio’s) for almost ten years. For the most part it has been an enjoyable and interesting aspect of our service, even when events have seemed at their darkest such as the 2008 Credit Crisis.

It is rewarding to seek out and find ways of managing your money positively, whilst maintaining manageable levels of risk. As one door closes another has generally opened, revealing further opportunities.

Strange as it now seems, the Brexit referendum and the election of President Trump have contributed to a period of unprecedented portfolio growth... with none of the prophecies of economic doom coming to pass and the lives of ordinary people continuing to improve across the globe.

However, as we are all only too well aware, our lives have now been completely disrupted by politicians who (regardless of their position on Brexit) have shown themselves to be unanimously unable to manage our national affairs competently. Aside from the Brexit nonsense emanating from every corner of the political spectrum, we are now hearing nothing about the day to day needs of our Country and its citizens.

Most of us prefer certainty and stability in our lives, so we can plan ahead with confidence. Yet our politicians seemingly strive with all their might to ensure these things are in desperately short supply!

Remaining positive

Changing shape of Europe

Although Brexit is not a happy tale to recount, we still believe there are reasons to remain positive about life afterwards, regardless of how it is ultimately concluded. Putting things into historic perspective, we include a link here to a short clip on the changing shape of Europe over the past 1000 years, showing how it continuously evolves over time. 

Despite the best efforts of our politicians, life will go on... and we optimistically look forward to a prosperous future.

regards, Jeremy Hill

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