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New Features in Daylite 4.3.
  • Now you can duplicate appointments in the calendar by option click or using the menu. This also applies to people, companies, & tasks.
  • It is now possible to edit the text of the external meeting invitation email that is sent to invitees.
  • Users & Teams. You can now edit the name and change the colour of users.
  • Edit your selection by double-clicking on the white space.
New Features in DMA 4.3 (Daylite Mail Assistant).
  • You can now actually add addresses and phone numbers, change category and keywords etc right from the DMA interface without even going into Daylite. You can do so data capture now in DMA that you hardly need to go into Daylite.
New Features in Daylite Touch 4.3 (iPhone & iPad).
  • At last, forms are supported so you can collect information on IOS devices when out and about. This will be good news for many.
  • Attachments added in Daylite and through DMA can now be viewed right on your IOS device.
  • Resources can now be viewed as separate calendars.
New Features in Daylite Server 4.3
  • If your database is getting too large you can now archive older attachments.
in addtion to the above features, there have also been many bug fixes and other enhancements.

Tricks & Tips...
  • Contextual Menus are a really useful tool that have actually been around since Daylite 3. You can customise many frequent operations that become available as a right hand mouse click when selecting an object in Daylite. For example you might want to be able to change the category or keyword for a person or company with a right hand click. Contextual menus help you to become a Daylite power-user. 
  • Linking. You can now use cmd+L to link an object.  For example you might want to link a person to a company. (version 4.3).
  • If you add a new person or company Daylite does not take you to it automatically. But if you hold down the option (alt) key whilst saving, the new record will become the focus. (version 4.3).
  • Shared Smartlists. You can now see who has shared the smartlist by clicking on the smartlist icon. (version 4.3).
  • Use cmd+N If you want to creat a new object in Daylite (version 4.3).
  • DMA. Did you know that you can add incoming and outgoing email to any person/company that already exists already in Daylite. Just click the "+" button beside "Contacts" and search for what you want to link with.
Performance issues since upgrading to Mountain Lion recently?
Whilst working with our clients, we have seen many instances where computers with 2 Gigs of RAM struggle to run Mountain Lion.  so if you are experiencing "The beachball of death" a lot more since upgrading then you might consider upgrading the RAM (memory) too. It is inexpensive to upgrade your computer to 4 or even 8 Gigs.  We have found very helpful.

Dalite hosting with JG Consulting?
Our Daylite hosting service is perfoming really well with our dedicated fibre optic connection.
What are the benefits:
  • You can synchronise Daylite and Daylite Touch anywhere with an internet signal.
  • Your data is stored and backed-up offsite.
  • We save you the hassle of managing & maintaining your Daylite Server.
  • We can assist you with support issues and updates to Daylite Server much more easily. 
If you are interested in this service please do get in touch.

Buying additional Daylite 3 Licences.
If you are on Daylite 3 we can provide Daylite for £125 & DMI for £34 per year. 
These are no longer advertised on the marketcircle website.

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