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AHN logo   July 2013 NEWSLETTER
Archbishop Justin Welby opens Anglican diabetes clinic in Ramallah

The Archbishop of Canterbury opened a specialist diabetes clinic in Ramallah on June 27, saying it represented “all that is best that we stand for” in the Anglican Communion.

After cutting the ribbon and praying for the new clinic, the Archbishop said such healthcare projects were “one of the most important works being done by the Anglican Communion worldwide”. 

The clinic is located in a new space which has been built above the church hall of St Andrew’s Church in central Ramallah. Open to all faiths, the clinic is focused on treating the complicated consequences of diabetes among Palestinians. More information can be found on this link.

News from the Network
Medical outreach in Liberia

St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Monrovia, Liberia was called upon by its Rector, Fr. Williams, to utilize its talents and gifts.  A Medical Evangelism Committee identified all its medical practitioners and encouraged them to give voluntary service to the church and its community.  On May 4, 2013, they offered dental treatments, Family Planning, HIV/AIDS testing, ophthalmic examinations and general medical checks. Those who were referred to the hospital were operated upon free of charge.  

  The parishioners were overwhelmingly pleased with what the church could do to show the love of Christ.  The committee has decided to repeat this twice a year.  A brief report can be found on this link.

The Church in the Province of the West Indies responds to the HIV/AIDS Pandemic 

The Diocese of Barbados, in it's response to the HIV/AIDS pandemic, has embarked on a sustained programme of training to establish a cadre of persons with the skills of education and counselling. More information on this link.

Vacancy: Interim Director of Al Ahli Arab hospital in Gaza starting in 2013/2014 for a period of 6 months to one year.

The hospital is looking for someone who has experience in the field of medicine or hospital administration. Following a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers, which identified that Gaza is in great need of a cancer treatment center, the hospital board has met and decided to transition the hospital to this specialized medical service. 

Expressions of interest should be directed to Bishop Suheil’s office:
New 'Hands in Healing' initiative in the Diocese of Los Angeles

“The impacts on individuals and communities from food-related disorders are devastating. The problems are so pervasive that there is not one of us in the diocese who is not affected,” said Tim Alderson, the new executive director of Seeds of Hope. “We are all in this together; we can farm the diocese,” said Alderson, a third-generation California farmer. “We can take an agricultural view of our 139 neighborhood congregations, 40 schools and 20 other specialized service institutions, seeing the abundant food-producing potential lying dormant here.”


Youngsters at Camp Stevens in Julian, California, cut up freshly harvested produce to prepare it for canning or drying. Planting, tending, harvesting and preserving food in the organic gardens has become a favorite activity among campers of all ages.

More on this story on the following link.

Colombia: Bogota church hosts medical brigade clinic for the poor

The Divine Savior Episcopal Church in Bogota, located in one of the poorest sections of the city, recently hosted a medical clinic. Services included an opportunity to visit with a doctor or nurse, receive physical or respiratory therapy, or receive dental care. For a fee of COP$1,000, or a little over 50 US cents, visitors could gain access to the lower floor and take advantage of any of the medical services. A pharmacy also was available to pick up any recommended medication. All of the professional staff members were volunteers. They served a total of 90 people over a period of 6 hours. 


More on this story on the following link.
Diocese of Texas creates new $1 billion health foundation

Bishop Andy Doyle recently held three town hall meetings to discuss the transfer of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System to Catholic Health Initiatives. The transfer will provide more than $1 billion to establish the Episcopal Health Foundation in the Diocese of Texas. This will be one of the largest health foundations in the state of Texas. A video of the presentation can be found on the following link.


Chaplaincy posts cut in 40% of English hospitals

Acute hospital trusts in England have significantly reduced their number of chaplains in the last five years against a backdrop of NHS cuts. Nearly half have reduced the number of hours chaplains are on duty. Advocates say chaplaincy services form a vital part of clinical care. Others describe them as a waste of money.

The NHS - which is not a religious organisation - has employed chaplains to give spiritual care and support to patients and staff since it was formed in 1948. More on this story.
Anglicans publish new studies on faith based health initiatives

In 'Airborne Outreach: Building HIV Capacity and Strengthening Health-Care Systems in Rural Botswana', Johnathan Miller and colleagues demonstrate the impact of Airborne Lifeline Foundation. Click on this link to download the report.

In 'Faith-based organisations and HIV prevention in Africa: A review', Rachel and Robert Mash examine the potential of faith based organisations to play important roles in the prevention of HIV. Click on this link to download the report. 


The recent Faith in Health and Healing Conference hosted 60 presentations. Reports are being posted online: Faith in Health Net

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