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october 2018

Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2018 enriched by more than 20 posters!

More than 20 posters reflecting experiences at the interface between transdisciplinarity and digitalisation will be displayed during the Swiss Inter- and Transdisciplinarity Day 2018 on 15 November at the EPFL in Lausanne. Many of them will be presented during the parallel sessions of speed talks. Do you want to explore with us these experiences and discuss visions how digitalisation can be devised for inter- and transdisciplinary research and education?
Have a look at the > updated programme and > register by 2 November 2018 at the latest.

Training workshop on transdisciplinary research with LIRA 2030

This year’s > LIRA 2030 training workshop on transdisciplinary research took place in Grand-Bassam, Côte d’Ivoire with 32 early career researchers from 14 African countries. The training had a focus on enabling participants to design and conduct their own research project. Short inputs on theory, methodology and methods of transdisciplinary research as baseline and videos and presentations of existing TD projects as illustrations were introduced as fundament for a series of interactive exercises on important steps along the transdisciplinary research process, conducted in various settings, such as reflections and work on the own project, group tasks, plenary discussions and role play. Some of the exercises were based on > td-net's toolbox for co-producing knowledge, e.g. > actor constellation and > three types of knowledge exercises. Td-net was engaged in this training workshop for the third consecutive year and also contributes to the ongoing development of training and coaching activities within the LIRA 2030 programme. > Read more


Call for reviewers for LIRA 2030

Following the call for pre-proposals on ‘Advancing the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 11 on cities in Africa’, applications are now open for scientists and non-academic experts to help in reviewing full proposals. Application deadline:
10 November 2018
> More information

I2Insights blog

Want to understand your biases? Find out why language matters in transdisciplinarity? Learn how to strengthen the environmental humanities? Discover 12 ways to kill research translation? Understand the role of funders in maximising the use of research evidence? > See the latest contributions to the I2Insights blog

AR+ Transformations Gathering

People interested in advancing action-oriented research and transformation are gathering over Women’s Day, March 7-10, 2019, at Chalmers University in Gothenburg Sweden. The gathering convenes a new global community to enable creative interaction around the questions of how to do science/learning with stakeholders. If you’re engaged in creating transformative knowledge, emphasizing participation, (self-) inquiry, action and deeper values orientation, then you belong! > More information


Fam, D., L. Neuhauser, and P. Gibbs, eds (2018): Transdisciplinary Theory, Practice and Education. The Art of Collaborative Research and Collective Learning. Springer International Publishing. > Read more

Mountain Research and Development, 38(3) (available online and open access).
 > Read more

Special issue „Co-production of research“, Nature. > Read more

Renn, O. and R.W. Scholz (2018): Ein Neues Transdisziplinäres Projekt zu den Unbeabsichtigen Nebenwirkungen der Digitalisierung – DiDaT: Die Nutzung Digitaler Daten als Gegenstand eines Transdisziplinären Prozesses. Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies Potsdam (IASS) e.V. > Read more


Suryanarayanan, S., et al. (2018): Collaboration Matters: Honey Bee Health as a Transdisciplinary Model for Understanding Real-World Complexity. BioScience. > Read more

van Breda, J. and M. Swilling (2018): The guiding logics and principles for designing emergent transdisciplinary research processes: learning experiences and reflections from a transdisciplinary urban case study in Enkanini informal settlement, South Africa. Sustainability Science. > Read more

CALL for papers:

Transdisciplinarity and Knowledge Transfer Across Sectors, Conference: InSITE 2019: Informing Science + IT Education, Jerusalem College of Technology, Israel. Submission deadline1 January 2019 > Read more

More publications


Calls for papers


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